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Heredity and environment both play a role in personal development, although the exact extent of their influence can vary.

Heredity refers to the genetic characteristics that are passed down from one generation to the next. These characteristics include physical traits such as height, eye color, and hair type, as well as personality traits and intellectual abilities. Heredity can influence personal development in a number of ways.

For example, a person who has a genetic predisposition for a certain personality trait may be more likely to develop that trait as they grow and mature. Similarly, someone who has a high level of intelligence due to their genetic makeup may be more likely to excel academically than someone who has a lower level of intelligence.

Environment refers to the social and physical surroundings in which a person grows and develops. This includes factors such as the home environment, school, and community in which a person lives, as well as the culture and society to which they belong.

Environment can influence personal development in many ways. For example, the values and beliefs that are emphasized in a person's home and community can shape their attitudes and behaviors. Similarly, the opportunities that are available in a person's environment can affect their personal development. For example, someone who grows up in a community with strong educational resources may be more likely to pursue higher education than someone who grows up in a community with limited educational opportunities.

Overall, both heredity and environment play a role in personal development, and the relative influence of each can vary depending on the individual and the specific traits or abilities being considered.

It's worth noting that the influence of heredity and environment is not always easy to disentangle, as they often interact and influence each other. For example, a person's genetic predispositions may interact with their environment in ways that affect their personal development. Similarly, a person's environment may affect the expression of their genetic traits. It is also important to recognize that personal development is a complex and multifaceted process, and that many different factors can influence it.