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This is the most common question on the internet nowadays. Work-from-home opportunities are everywhere. It depends on how you see and perceive things while browsing and searching online. The common sense says, if you look for an opportunity then first

Knock your own shoes

Means whatever you do, whereever you are, people complaining about something and there the opportunities comes in. Listen to their complains and think out of the box to solve those burning problems you or other people faces. Like people may want 

  • Cheapest air tickets
  • Cheapest something that you can give them very conveniently
Anyhow, these are simple yet proven work from home business opportunities you can consider if it suits you then its good to go.
  1. Virtual Assistance to online business
  2. Freelance writing on fiverr, upwork, guru, freelancer, textbroker etc.
  3. Online services provider like SEO, Digital marketing etc.
  4. Online recruitment agency to help business find and hire best talent like toptal or turing
  5. Digital products like selling ebooks, NFTs etc.
  1. Photography for others or for selling images online
  2. Video games development or gamelogging on twitch or YouTube
  3. Self-published author to sell books on amazon kindle etc.
  4. Pet products
  5. Thrift clothes
  6. Going freelance
  7. Selling on Amazon
  8. Selling on Etsy
  9. Dropshipping business like shop on amazon and directly shipping from alibabba
  10. Print on demand T-Shirts etc.
  11. Handmade products

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Whatever you told is true but being beginner what is the step by step process to start these side hustle from scratch
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Thanks for the compliment. In future, i will try to share the complete methods to avail these work-from-home opportunities
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You asked a very simple but good question..

There are 100+ websites where you can make money online but all depends on the nature and volume of work.

You can become freelancer and work your way on Fiverr, upwork, guru, freelancer, 99designs, peopleperhour, textbroker and workchest websites.. and offer your service in return for money..

You can also do small tasks on micrworkers, picoworkers and amazon turk etc.

You can sell your photos and videos on istock, adobe, and shutterstock website.

You can sell your video courses on udemy, skillshare, coursera and make money online..

You can teach online on cambly, studypool and tutor.com etc. and make money.

You can launch your own blog and YouTube channel and make money through google adsense and youtube partner program.