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These are yet easy and proven passive income ideas you can consider if you want to make money online...

Top 30 Passive Income Ideas

01. Rent out a room

02. Affiliate marketing

03. Dividend stocks.

04. Peer to peer leading

05. Sell an online course.

06. Sell an ebook

07. Start a youtube channel

08. Dropshipping store

09. Buy a profitable app.

10. Buy a profitable website

11. Cryptocurrency mining.

12. Hold stocks long term.

13. Create an app

14. Rent out your car

15. Start a laundromat.

16. Vending machines

17. Start an ATM business.

18. Put ads on your car

19. Crowdfunded real estate.

20. Investing with robo advisor

21. Run subscription service.

22. Invest in royalty income.

23. Rent out items you have

24. Sell products on ebay.

25. Sell products on Amazon

26. High yield saving account

27. Be silent business partner.

28. Start a car wash

29. Hire a virtual assistant.

30. Sell print on demand shirts.

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Internet has open the world of opportunities to the globe. No matter where do you live or from where you came from. Even it is possible if you are willing to make money without investment or to become a billionaire with a no to lowest possible investment in a short term. All you need is passion to do something and hard work and some time to build your empire.

In this article i gonna share with you deem simple but super ideas to make money online. If you pick any one of them you will succeed in next 3 to 6 month earning handsome income everyday.

1. Content Based Money Making Ideas

If you are expert in any topic and can write to tell people about it then you can start a blog using WordPress or Blogger. When you got some audiance, you can monetize it with

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And join some good Affiliate Network like to sell their products and services using your affiliate link and when someone buy their products using you link, you will get a commission like

  • ShareASale.

  • Awin (Formerly Affiliate Window)

  • Amazon Associates.

  • CJ Affiliate (Formerly Commission Junction)

  • Rakuten Marketing (Formerly LinkShare)

  • Avangate Affiliate Network.

  • ClickBank.

  • FlexOffers

  • eBay

  • JVZoo

  • LeadDyno

  • MaxBounty

  • Envato affiliates

  • Digistore24

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You can join good freelance writing websites which have great clients work for writing and in turn you will get paid if you possess good humor of writing.. some of good sites you can follow for freelance writing are:-

1. Blogging Pro

2. Freelance Writing Job Board

3. Contently

4. iWriter

5. Contena

6. ProBlogger Job Board

7. People Per Hour

8. Upwork 

9. Fiverr

10. Guru

11. Craigslist

12. FlexJobs

13. LinkedIn

14. MediaBistro

15. Freelancer.com

16. Writer Access

17. Writers Work

18. Glassdoor

19. Indeed.com

20. Texbroker.com

21. Textroyal.com

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You can write an eBook and sell it on Amazon Kindle self publishing service and all other great self publishing and earn a royality Income online and some of those sites are like:-

  1. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Cost: Free Royalties: Up to 70%

  2. Smashwords. Publishing Cost: Free. Royalties: 60% from retailer, 80% from Smashwords Store

  3. Draft2Digital. Publishing Cost: Free. Royalties: Up to 60%

  4. Lulu. Publishing Cost: Free

  5. Kobo Writing Life. Publishing Cost: Free

  6. Barnes & Noble Press. Publising Cost: Free.

2. Online Tutoring Based Money Making Ideas

If you are an expert in any subject or skill which you can demonstrate to a large audiance online then you can start teaching online, podcast and webinars and monetize your video lectures with the partner programs offered on those video sites like:-

  • YouTube.
  • Uscreen.
  • Facebook.
  • Patreon.
  • Twitch.
  • Instagram Video.
  • TikTok.