5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins Short Books Summary

One night he badly noticed a commercial on television showing a rocket launch, he thought it was stupid at first, but the...

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One night he badly noticed a commercial on television showing a rocket launch, he thought it was stupid at first, but the next morning he decided to launch himself out of bed like a rocket after counting five four three two one but does it work? Does it work? So I am sharing some key lessons, come the reasons and benefits that I have learned from the book and these are as follows:

Stop procrastination, It is nothing more than a subconscious desire for instant gratification there are five seconds between procrastination and productivity, but why do we procrastinate our brain is stable energy saving a lot of energy procrastinating so the best part is that our brain wants to save energy the five-second rule is a short circuit which therefore makes us more productive gives you Courage to do things by doing even little acts using the 5-second rule, is less afraid of time and therefore gives value over time and generates value as the compound interest of each small act of courtesy age more courage continues to control.

How we feel and forces us to work poorly refers to the renowned neuroscientist Antonio Damancios works on a book called Descartes error exposes the result of his research that suggests that up to 95 percent of our decisions are ultimately decided by feelings, not facts, therefore, he calls human feeling machine that thinks not like thinking machine that feels, in other cases, the sequence of events is usually not to think and then act, but rather it feels direct as a result the simple reason why we don’t act at all that we don’t feel like.

The five-second rule helps us override our feelings through a tactic what is called psychological intervention psychological intervention our actions carried out to cause a change of mood in a person generally refers to any activity used to modify behavior, emotional state, or feelings. The five-second rule does not give us time to feel and this is how it works fourth the right moment brings changes you have to stop waiting for the right moment before absent it will never come for three reasons the first change is always new second always comes with uncertainty third always scary

But remember what you want that you don’t have always requires doing something new something scary and uncertain 5 seconds 1 second makes All the difference, for example, a 26-year-old Montgomery minister in 1955 was chosen to be the leader of the protest against racial segregation in the United States, it happened so fast that several years later I would say that I only had a few seconds to think about the decision, if I had, I would probably reject the nomination thinking that it is not the right time, what You guessed right, that man was Martin Luther King Jr, this one says that it is almost always and never the right time.

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