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A lot of business ideas are out there whether they are feasible or not can be checked after you put a lot of time, effort with money. 

But the idea today I am going to share with you is my own tested online business idea and you can see a lot of people making too much money from it.

On Average 2.94 Billion People uses facebook per month. Image if you sell them a $1 product to 0.1% people on facebook, how much you will earn in a single day?

Lets do the math:

0.1% of 2.94 Billion is equal to 2940000

suppose if you sell a $1 product to these people you would make $2940000 without any investment or any extra effort.

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The idea is simple We will sell products to facebook users from home without any purchases or expenses absolutely for free.

If you live in these countries 

  • Indonesia

  • Malaysia

  • Philippines

  • Singapore

  • Thailand

  • Vietnam

  • Taiwan

  • Brazil

  • Chile

  • Colombia

  • Mexico

  • Poland

Go to Shopee.com

or if you live or wanna sell in these countries

  • US

  • Turkey

  • China

Go to Aliexpress and search for any small time especially mobiles and gadgets like i searched headphones.

  1. Select Ship from option US, Turkey or china in which you want to sell this product

  2. Then click check box Free shipping

  3. Now find and open the time link in new tab one by one who has price under $10 dollars

  4. Now go to each link and download their show cased pictures into you mobile or computer

  5. And create a notepad pad or MS word file and save their hyperlinks with earth name.

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Now go to Facebook create a free account or use old one if you already have.

  1. Go to the marketplace tab.

  1. Click create a listing button 

  2. Click item for sale

  3. Now upload all the pictures of earth headphone one by one 

  4. Write its title

  5. Wite its conditions, color, options and descriptions and select your region you want to sell that product same as i did it in the picture here

  6. Make sure to choose right location to sell and also check button hide from friends

  7. You have to do the same for each item you picked from aliexpress.

  8. Submit your listings 

  9. It will be live within 24 hours.

Now you just need to stay online on facebook or turn on your mobile/Pc Internet so that you can receive messages and sale orders from facebook.

Now when you receive the order, collect the money first. Then go back to aliexpress, Go to that item and order the item.

Importantly while choosing delivery location put your customer address which you got from him on facebook.

Aliexpress automatically delivers that product to him. You enjoy earning without any physical activities etc.

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Key takeaways / Whats next?
This idea is for newbies and who want earn some money without investment. Now if you are successful and got some money..

Next Level: Now create your own store. Contact alibaba and aliexpress suppliers directly and make a proper deal for dropshipping and put everything online on your site and all the social media and build your brand..

Top Level: Now you have created you brand identity, try to launch you own manufacturing, scale it  and boom.