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Recently i was reading about the productivity and found that six rules of productivity leaked from the email sent by Elon Must to the staff of tesla that's very popular and valuable if you can follows:

Rule 1: Avoid large meetings because most people in those meetings either aren't contributing or won't be affected by the decisions being made.

Rule 2: Avoid frequent meetings unless you're dealing with something very urgent then regular meetings are never necessary most things can be solved by text or email.

Rule 3: Try to leave a meeting if you're not contributing Elon says that you should do this as soon as it's obvious you're not adding value because he thinks it's more rude to waste people's time than it is to suddenly leave a meeting.

Rule 4: Try to avoid technical jargon in a company like Tesla there's lots of acronyms in jargon and it just makes communicating way more harder and wastes people's time.

Rule 5: Forget the chain of command if you have to go through several tiers of management for the business to make a decision then everything just moves way too slowly. and

Rule 6: Use your common sense if a company rule in a particular situation is obviously ridiculous then clearly don't follow the rule.