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Accredited with respect to degree means, the degree awarding institute must be recognized by the respective Higher education commission of that country.

Secondly, the university and colleges are recognized with two criteria singly or either both

  1. Online/Virtual Degree like Virtual University International VUI
  2. Physically as well as online/virtually like Harvard and London school of economics and law offers online and physical classes degrees at coursera and at their online platforms..

But the fact is, if we look at the online colleges and universities offering online degrees for business management and finance on coursera, there written underneath that coursera does not guarrantty recognition or validity of course credit at any other university or by HEC of respective country. Students are advised to check whether this university and its degree here is recognized and accredited by the respective HEC or your own country HEC before applying here at cousera.

However, these are the accredited colleges and universities offering online degrees of Business and Management

1. Euclid University 

The euclid university is accredited by UNO. Mr. Syed Ali of Karachi, Pakistan step up to establish and authorized by UNO to offer courses in Business, Management, Law at Master and Doctorate levels.

2. Virtual University of Pakistan VU

VU is a Federal Government University of Pakistan and recognized by Higher Education Commission Pakistan. VU offering multiple courses of Business management at Bachelor and Master level.