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I need URL Shortener and Link Tracker Script to use for my personal usage in my online business. Anybody let me know any fully feature, free and open source URL Shortener and Link Tracker Script must be built on PHP and MySql programming languages which i can easily integrate into my existing online website.

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Yes. There are too many Free and open source PHP MySql URL Shortener and Link Tracking Scripts you can use to build, luanch your URL Shortening services like bitly, cuttly etc.

I don't know for what reason you ask this whether you are trying to build your own URL Shortener business or just try to look into its code how it is, but every URL Shortener must have at least these features to be said to be fully featured URL Shortener.

  • Short links
  • Link Clicks
  • Data Retention
  • Custom Aliases
  • Geo Targeting
  • Device Targeting
  • Language Targeting
  • Bio Profiles
  • QR Codes
  • Custom Landing Page
  • CTA Overlays
  • Event Tracking
  • Team Members
  • Branded Domains
  • Channels
  • Campaigns & Link Rotator
  • Multiple Domains
  • Custom Parameters
  • Import Links
  • Export Data
  • Developer API

These are free and open source Php Mysql Url Shortener Link tracker scripts you can use for yourself.


The option I am most familiar with is YOURLS, which stands for Your Own URL Shortener. To be completely honest, I used it in production for a personal website for a number of years and was pleased with its powers. YOURLS is a relatively feature-rich solution that operates well right out of the box and is written in PHP. You can set it up to only be accessible to specific people or to the general public. 

Custom URLs are supported, a bookmarklet is included to make sharing simple, it has some decent built-in statistics, and it has a pluggable design so that others can contribute to it. Additionally, it includes an API, which makes it simple to develop programmes that interface with it.

2. Lessn More

A personal URL shortener called Lessn More was created in PHP and forked off of Buttered URLs, an older project that was developed from a fork of Lessn. The majority of the functionality you might anticipate from a URL shortener are offered by Lessn More, including support for bookmarklets and APIs. 

The ability to use a banned-words list to prevent accidentally creating an inappropriate URL, the ability to avoid "lookalike" characters to make URLs more readable, the choice of whether or not to use mixed-case characters, and a few other useful features are some of the distinguishing characteristics of Lessn More.

3. Polr

A "modern, powerful, and robust URL shortener," according to Polr. It comes with an API, just like our other alternatives shown above, so you may use it from within other programmes. It features a fairly simple yet modern UI. 

It has the fewest features of the three options available, but if you're searching for a straightforward but useful solution, it might be a good fit for you. Examine the online demo before downloading.

4. Shuri 

5. Nimbus

6. Lstu

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