Why Do You Need To Use Best Quality Moving Boxes For Special Items?

At leader removals, we have different types of moving boxes. From budget moving boxes for affordable self-relocation to premium moving boxes that...

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At leader removals, we have different types of moving boxes. From budget moving boxes for affordable self-relocation to premium moving boxes that moving companies also use themselves. But in addition to these different qualities, there are also moving boxes for special items. For example those for glassware, paintings, or your wardrobe.

Which special moving boxes are essential for your move? We’ll cover them one by one in this article.

Moving Boxes For Glasses

Do you have (a lot of) valuable glassware that you would like to receive safely at your new address? Glass can be put in a normal moving box if you wrap each piece of glass separately with several layers of wrapping paper. But it can also be done better and easier.

A special moving box for glasses offers a solution. The glass box is an extra-large moving box with a sturdy cardboard division of which you can place 4 on top of each other. Each layer offers space for 25 glasses, so you can safely transport 100 glasses with this glass box. Nice to be able to put all your glassware neatly and undamaged in the cupboard at your new address.

Moving Boxes For Books

Books are often the heaviest items you have to move. Well, not one book of course. But a whole moving box full of books quickly weighs so much that you can no longer lift it.

Moreover, you run the risk that the bottom will fall out due to the weight. For that reason, there are special, extra sturdy moving boxes for books, also called the book box. These are practical and strong due to the double-wave cardboard of 5 mm thickness and have an auto-lock for extra convenience.

In addition, the book-moving boxes are not too large, so that you do not run the risk of putting too many books in them.

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Moving Boxes For Clothing

Have you thought about how you will transport your wardrobe? You can of course put socks, underpants, and shirts in a moving box. But expensive or neat clothes such as suits and dresses are better transported in special clothing bags so that they remain tidy and so that you can hang them directly in the closet in your new home.

In addition to clothing covers, you can also use special moving boxes for clothing. These are also called wardrobe boxes. Our clothing boxes are extra-large moving boxes made of sturdy double-wave / kraft cardboard of 7 mm and have a built-in clothes rail, so you can hang your clothes easily and safely in the box.

After the move, you can put your clothes back in the wardrobe straight from the box. A lot more convenient and neat than when it all has to be stuffed into a moving box!

Moving Boxes For Wine – Are you a wine lover?

Then there is a good chance that you have a few bottles of red, white, and rosé in the cellar. While a move is a good reason to get another one, it’s probably going to be too much wine to drink before you move.

Then it is smart to order one or more special moving boxes for wine. These wine boxes are specially designed to transport up to 12 bottles of wine without impact. You place the bottles in the sturdy cardboard compartment so that you do not have to pack them further. You do need moving tape to seal the box.

Moving Boxes For Paintings

Are you an art lover or do you have frames with photos on the wall? Then painting boxes come in handy. Pack your precious belongings quickly and safely in these moving boxes for paintings and other frames.

No scratches on frames, damaged paintwork, or broken glass during your move, that’s a great relief. A painting box is certainly not a superfluous luxury, because a mistake is easily made during a hectic move. Especially if you are moving with the help of family or friends.

You can also simply write to which room the painting or frame should belong. This way, your wall art will quickly end up in the right place in your new home. But if you first have to think about where to hang which piece, you can also leave your frames and paintings in the painting box for a while.

The Takeaway

Moving boxes help you a lot to shift your luggage safely and precisely. Online-Metafores can help you very much in this regard and would suggest you the best moving boxes products according to your need.

Always use the best quality boxes to move your luggage safely in order to avoid any loss.

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