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30+ Best Tools To Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast in 2023

No doubt YouTube is a money-making machine for you nowadays, but it requires a few efforts to grow your YouTube channel fast...

Written by Anaya Bindra
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No doubt YouTube is a money-making machine for you nowadays, but it requires a few efforts to grow your YouTube channel fast to reach its minimum threshold for monetization that is:

  1. Minimum 1000 YouTube subscribers
  2. Minimum 4000 hours of genuine watch time on your channel videos within the last 12 months.

There are other ways to monetize your videos other than the YouTube partner program, like joining affiliate programs and sharing affiliate links under your YouTube videos, and when someone clicks it and buys something you may get a commission in return.

As per analytics given by Similarweb, monthly 34.6 Billion visits were made on YouTube in which each user watch almost 7 videos and at an average of 21 minutes spent on YouTube. YouTube now becomes the world’s second-largest search engine after google.

It means, it’s easier for everyone to earn money from YouTube. There are three steps to make money from YouTube:

  1. Create your Gmail account and create your YouTube channel.
  2. Select your niche in which you are passionate to work with videos.
  3. Create your best videos with captions and HD images and clips.
  4. Upload with proper video titles, inciting thumbnail, tags, descriptions, specify playlist, insert YouTube Cards.
  5. Share your uploaded video links on your social media profile, groups, and pages to make it popular.

So, in this way you need to research, analyze and grow your YouTube channel to make money. Below mentioned are very helpful YouTube videos and Seo tools to grow your channel fast.

Best Tools List to Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast

1. VidIQ


VidIQ is one of the best and amazing tools to grow your YouTube channel fast. Its features include overview scorecard, keyword tools competitors, trends alerts, compare views, most viewed, productivity tools, thumbnail generator, channel audit real-time, stats bar achievements, and social engagements as well as SEO feedbacks.

I personally use this all-in-one tool to grow my YouTube channel in days. The best feature is VidIQ tells us the most performing videos and we can repurpose it to generate more revenue and create more such videos and get more engagements. Have a look at this.


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2. Tubebuddy TubeBuddy-youtube-video-tool

There is no best YouTube tool than Tubebuddy because it has all the features which can grow your YouTube channel fast. It offers:

  • Productivity tools of Tubebuddy

The tools’ productivity features help you a lot to grow your YouTube channel fast. It includes advanced video embed, canned responses card templates, comment formatting, coppa center, default upload profiles, emoji picker, end screen templates, playlist actions, quick links menu, quick-edit toolbar, scheduled publishing, scheduled video updates, sunset videos, thumbnail generator, video topic planner and much more.

  • Bulk Processing Tools of Tubebuddy

The features related to bulk processing that enables you to grow your YouTube channel fast are bulk copy cards, bulk copy end screen, bulk delete cards, bulk delete end screen, bulk finds, replace and append, bulk thumbnail overlays, bulk update cards, bulk update end screens, demonetization double-check, and much more.

  • Video SEO

Video SEO of a YouTube channel is as necessary as SEO of a website. With proper SEO of a video, you can easily grow your YouTube channel fast.

SEO tools in TubeBuddy include auto translator, best practice audit, Insta-suggest, keyword explorer, opportunity finder, SEO studio, search explorer, search positions, search rank tracking, tag lists, tag rankings, tag sorter, tag translator, video A/B tests, view and copy video tags of other videos and more.

  • Video Data & Research Tools

Some other features in TubeBuddy that ensure you to grow your YouTube channel fast and easily are brand alerts, channel access, channel backup, channel valuation, channel analytics, click magnet, comment word cloud, competitor scorecard, competitor upload alerts, demonetization audit, export comments, health report, language analysis, retention analyzer, search insights, video analytics and much more options that you cannot imagine.

If you really want to become a great YouTube star and want to make money as well, TubeBuddy is a perfect choice for you. Don’t waste your anywhere, just visit Tubebuddy and start growing your YouTube channel fast.

3. SEMrush semrush-to-grow-the-YouTube-channel

SEMrush is a great tool for SEO & keyword analysis for overall your internet business as well as your YouTube channel growth. As there is only key to be successful on the internet is to get more organic traffic and it is possible with low competition keywords and SEMrush does the same for you.

You can find low competition keyword which has high search volume on YouTube because low competition keywords’ related videos get ranked on YouTube. You can try keyword mapping to a specific keyword related to your targeted customers and products, then you will create targeted content on that specific keyword and when someone searches on youtube, your video will show higher on the first page which brings traffic to your videos, and ultimately you can sell your products and services.

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4. Canva

Canva is an online designing and self-publishing platform for videos, images, and more. It provides image editing, designing, and updating in a super-easy way. It provides options to create images or videos and with one click make it according to any social platform like YouTube thumbnail, channel arts, channel logos, YouTube shorts, and much more.

5. SocialBlade

SocialBlade is a tool that shows statistics of YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and Instagram. It also calculates the estimated earnings of a youtube channel. It provides chrome and firefox extensions to see live statistics during internet surfing. It also provides free analytics for these social profiles and channels to see analytics to grow your youtube channel fast concerning monthly earnings.

6. PocketTube

It is an amazing tool to manage YouTube subscriptions. Simple you need to create groups with your subscriptions and watch the latest videos feed by the group. You can set a custom icon for any group, which auto-sync between devices, and its integration seamlessly fits into the YouTube layout. Moreover, PockeTube provides responsive support immediately.

7. SocialBook

It is a top influencer marketing software. People who have the most fans on social media come here to meet the companies and startups to run their campaigns on their social profiles, pages, and YouTube channels in return for some money.

8. PicMaker

It is a free and fast online graphic design software and photo editor. You can create your YouTube channel art, logo, thumbnails, and Youtube banners easily to grow your youtube channel quickly.

9. ViralStat

ViralStat is an all-in-one tool for cross-platform social video analytics. The best part is, it has advanced YouTube video analytics options that enable you to analyze search trends data for your upcoming videos and their success chances. YouTube ads optimization is an added advantage.


It is a distribution platform for video and audio creators. You just need to create a great quality video and Repurpose will distribute it all over the world to your targeted fans. It will reduce your extra efforts to create more and more videos. In addition, it repurposes the old content everywhere to make your video successful.

11. Keyword Tool

Finding the best and low-difficulty keyword is one of the most important strategies to grow your YouTube channel fast. Keyword-Tool is a google autocomplete free keyword tool which gives you all the genuine, reliable, and authentically related keywords relevant to your given keyword on google. Suppose you typed “YouTube”, it will show all the keywords searching on google having keyword youtube in it as showing below.

More interestingly, it provides keywords of YouTube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, Instagram, and Twitter as well.

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12. Softorino YouTube Converter

The safest and user-friendly free YouTube downloader on the planet. You can download & convert YouTube videos as MP4 or MP3 to your Mac/PC, iPhone, iPad for offline playback.

13. YouTube Studio

It is a free product of Google which provides free video analytics, comments, and detailed analysis of every video. It also provides YouTube search terms in which your videos are performing well with search traffics and views on your videos. You can use it to repurpose your old videos and rank higher on youtube.

14. Headliner

Headliner is a web app that allows you to create your audios, blog, podcast into videos and share it on social media like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. Headliner helps to promote your radio show, podcast with videos. It provides audio, video transcriptions with multiple-size videos and text animations with all types of video formats export.

15. Tubics

A great video SEO Tools to grow your YouTube channel fast and easily. You can get data-driven, video ideas to create exceptional content. Try A/B tests on your thumbnails.

You can also check these tools as well to grow your YouTube channel fast.

16. Smartzer

17. JTV Digital

18. Adrev

19. Freedom

20. CDbaby

21. Vigo Video

22. Trint

23. Hippo Video

24. Premium Beat

25. Vidooly

26. YouTube Creators

27. Hootsuite

28. Cameleon Live


30. Social Bluebook


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