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7 Free High-Rating Best Walking App for Android

Everyone wishes to live a healthy life and a good walking app could play a vital role in this regard. If you...

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Everyone wishes to live a healthy life and a good walking app could play a vital role in this regard.

If you are using android mobile, you must want to install the best walking app on your android mobile and have searched for it many times. This blog will help you to get your best walking app for android mobile.

According to the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recommendations, an adult must engage himself in moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity for at least 150 minutes a week and 30 minutes a day, while for a child it should be 60 minutes a day. By following these guidelines anyone can live a healthy life and also lowering the risk of many diseases.

Walking is a way through which you can achieve a good lifestyle and maintain your health at a good level. It improves your breathing, blood circulation, and sleep, shores up your bones, helps to lose weight, strengthens your muscles, supports your joints, and declines mental illness.

Walking is good for people of all ages and reduces the risk of many chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and ultimately prolongs your life. It does not require any special skills, types of equipment, or a gym membership. All you need, just to wear your joggers and start your aerobic physical activity from moderate to a higher level.

How much do you need to walk each day?

The intensity of physical activity plays an important role in your health. Laura Arndt, the NSCA certified employee, and CEO of Matriarc, a healthcare app, recommended 8,000-10,000 total steps to walk in a day. But walking 10,000 steps very slow may not help you burn more calories than walking quickly.

According to Gregg Kai Nishi – MD at the Khalili Center – a person who walks even less than 10,000 steps but walks briskly/quickly can reduce his weight more quickly and would acquire other benefits of walking than the person who walks more than 10,000 steps but in a slower pace.

Knowing how many steps you have taken in a day can be a big help when you are walking. To this end, walking apps are the best substitute for tracking your steps. To increase your walking efficiency, it’s a good idea to have a walking app on your mobile phone and monitor your progress more efficiently by tracking your steps.

Being an android user, you must be searching for the best walking app for android. There are many walking apps, that you can install on your android mobile. But as a fitness enthusiast, I’ve rounded up 7 free high-rating best walking apps for you. You can install one of them that suits you well according to your goals and helps you to reach your goal more conveniently.

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1. Best walking app for android – Step Tracker

Courtesy – Google Play Store


The Step Tracker pedometer app is an updated and latest version of the Health & Fitness Group Jump with a 4.8-star rating and the highest star rating app in walking apps.

It is an ideal partner to track your steps and control the calories burned. The app can track your steps with a built-in device sensor or GPS tracker in real-time. The best user interface and an elegant design with bright colors emphasize its importance to the user and keep them excited.

A user can set his daily goals and be more motivated if he consistently achieves them. The application records the user’s health data, such as weight, sleep and diet trends, etc., and helps him maintain his lifestyle by displaying the results statistically in graphs. Mobile devices with older versions of android would not support the application.

2. Best walking app for android – Walk With Map My Walk

Courtesy – Google Play Store


Walk With Map My Walk is another great walking app owned by the incorporation of MapMyFitness with a 4.7-star rating on Google Play Store. It helps you in many training activities, exceptionally on walking.

As with the name, the app helps you track your phone’s map with the GPS location and highlight the way you have come. You can share your following area and get value from your community of friends on social media.

A user can find nearby places to walk, add new ones, and save their favorites. The audio training helps you statistically, for example, your pace, distance traveled, and time.

With this app, you can connect your phone to portable devices and thus get useful information. Without a doubt, the app is a recommended solution for your hike, but remember that every step is tracked by GPS and has a significant impact on your phone’s battery.

3. Best walking app for android – Step Counter

Courtesy – Google Play Store


Pedometer Step Counter is one of the best hiking apps. The app belongs to the fitness group with 4.7 stars and thousands of positive reviews. The user interface is very simple and easy to understand.

An important feature is that a user can statistically check and compare his daily, weekly, and monthly performance in the form of graphs. The application has the steps with a sensor integrated into your cell phone and does not require any GPS or any connection procedure.

It is an energy-saving application. A user can back up all of their Google Drive data and continue with their current state in the event of an accident. Almost all features are unlocked, but users can get the premium version for a very low cost that is just $ 2.99, and can remove all ads.

4. Best walking app for android – Sportractive

Courtesy – Google Play Store


Another 4.7-star rating app with the best GPS tracking system ever. The best feature is that it does not contain ads. You can check the distance traveled on the map using a colored strip and monitor your heart rate via Bluetooth.

It maintains a clear, mapped log of walks, noting distance and route taken. A user can customize his walking parameters such as time, distance and calories burned to set their route with their own choice.

Voice feedback is also an assistive feature that helps the user to maintain training more easily. Simple, intuitive, and easy to use, with an easily accessible history of each workout. A user can find the exercise history and check their performance statistically based on it. It works great in the background, allowing the user to play music, books, or podcasts.

5. Best walking app for android – Pacer Health Pedometer

Courtesy – Google Play Store


The pedometer belongs to the Stimulator Health and Fitness group with a 4.6-star rating and one of the most popular walking apps.

The graphics are cool, simple, and colorful with a simple user interface. No login experience is required and you can easily synchronize your workout with My Fitness Pal and Fitbit. You can create customized walking training plans to achieve your fitness goal, especially for weight loss.

The app supports your training strategy, creates walking groups with your friends and family, and keeps you motivated from time to time in competitions. You can also share your training on social media and stay motivated. Like other walking apps, it also features a stepper tracking system with an integrated sensor, as well as a real GPS tracking system that should save battery power.

6. Best walking app for android – AlpineQuest Off-Road Explorer

Courtesy – Google Play Store


If you want to get excited about many discoveries and explore new trails and routes with your walk, the AlpineQuest Pedometer is the best app for you. Another great hiking app with a 4.5-star rating, perfect for exploring and driving back roads.

An interesting feature is that the user can use maps in multiple layers, such as aerial, topographic, and Google Earth maps. Using GPS, it can be located in real-time on the map and can be directed to the placed destination.

A user can save the bookmark and retrieve it occasionally. You can use a compass to navigate in this app. As the app is a bit complicated you need real-time GPS location experience and tracking so it should affect your battery life. Advanced features available in the premium version, but if you are a real artist this shouldn’t affect you.

7. Best walking app for android – Endomondo

Courtesy – Google Play Store


Endomondo is one of the best and oldest walking apps in the health and fitness app industry with a 4.5-star rating, thousands of positive reviews, and has been serving customers for many years.

The developers gradually updated the application and solved the user’s difficulties to improve it over time and help the user more easily. You can choose from a wide variety of exercises, from beginner exercises to high-intensity exercises, to start your journey.

User can synchronize their data with other wearable devices, such as a smartwatch and other fitness devices. Audio commentary and statistical graphics help to maintain your energy level. You can create a 3D video of your workout and share it with your friends on social media to stay motivated and bold.

Some advanced features, such as personal training plans, heart rate zone analysis, interval training, training time information, and advanced statistics are available in the premium version, which can be expensive but will help you with your extraordinary training strategy.

Guidelines for choosing the best walking app

There are many ways in which the walking app can be your best walking companion. Basic functions like tracking, pace, time, distance, etc., should be available in almost any walking application. Although all apps vary from each other based on secondary features like audio commentary, timing techniques, connected devices, calories burned and card descriptions, etc.

A simple walking app would be beneficial for normal walking, while others have advanced features in their premium versions with a wide range according to your interests.

One more thing, start with a free walking app that you seem look excellent with its free basic features, later you can subscribe to its premium plan if it would suit you well.

To wrap up, choose a walking app that works great on your mobile device and fits your budget and exercise routine.


These apps can be removed from the google play store due to any technical or conditional agreement failure within the google play store and app developer. So please keep updated with this blog post, I’ll update the latest about these apps or would add other best walking apps that fulfill the criteria from time to time.

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