Business Plan: How To Present Your Activity and Convince?

The Business Plan is a very important document when you have a business creation project. When writing this real business plan, we...

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The Business Plan is a very important document when you have a business creation project. When writing this real business plan, we often think only of the financial forecast. But the goal is to be able to convince your future partners. This includes that they can know and understand all aspects of your project.

This is why your future activity is an important element and not to be neglected when you write your Insurance Project Plan, another name of the Business plan. It is even an essential part, the one that will explain and understand the entire project. Here are some tips for writing this important part well.

Presentation of your products and services

Depending on whether you depend on the market sector or the service provision, you will need to start with a complete presentation of each product or service. This should constitute the first sub-part of this section of your Business Plan.

For each product or each service, I advise you to make a sheet explaining what they contain, their technical description, their manufacturing process, what they are used for, their price, and what needs they meet. It is a very precise description that you will have to make. What will push you to think well, in-depth, your offer?

This description will also be very useful to your future partners, to varying degrees. And this will be an important starting point for your sales pitch. Not to be overlooked, then.

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Where will the activity take place?

In a second sub-section, you can locate your activity. It will be necessary to indicate where your company will be located, its address. This will allow your interlocutors to better visualize your immediate environment.

In this sub-section, it will also be useful to indicate your area of ​​intervention. Local, regional, national, or even international will not be the same when you study the market. It is therefore essential for your future partners to know this area of ​​intervention well.

Take advantage of your business plan to study your project

Think, if you have several possible locations, to study the opportunities of each, do not forget that the Business Plan is also a tool for reflection at your disposal. Depending on your head office location, you may benefit, for example, from certain tax exemptions (Urban Free Zone or Rural Revitalization Zone). Find out about it.

Road access or coverage of communication networks may also be important depending on your activity. As is the proximity of certain suppliers. Indicate the tax and other advantages you will be able to benefit from.

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