Visiting Liverpool UK? 3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Serviced Apartments Over Hotels

We always support serviced apartments instead of traditional hotel stays, but the benefits have become more evident in the wake of the...

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We always support serviced apartments instead of traditional hotel stays, but the benefits have become more evident in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. There are many reasons why someone would need housing in the past year, including essential workers and people displaced by the pandemic.

In addition to the extra space and security of your personal apartment, there are many other benefits that you may not have thought of. These are some of the advantages of choosing a serviced apartment instead of a hotel room in Liverpool.

Why would you need housing during a pandemic?

There are many reasons, in addition to recreation and tourism, why you would need accommodation, even when travel is not recommended. PREMIER SUITES Serviced Apartments Liverpool offers accommodation for essential workers who are unable to return home every night. Skilled workers are often flown in or travel across the country to do essential jobs in construction, medicine, education, public transport and need a safe place to call home.

For a complete list of essential workers, consult your government council. Families and individuals also need a quarantine location after a positive Covid-19 diagnosis or after traveling abroad. We require proof of essential travel prior to admitting guests, in accordance with government regulations, and to ensure the safety of our employees and customers.

1. Make yourself at home – serviced apartments have more living space.

Although a hotel room is luxurious and comfortable, it does not leave much space to live in, especially when you are staying for a long time. If you need space to live, work, exercise, relax and live your daily life, a serviced apartment is your best option.

Each of our apartments has a spacious living and dining room, separate from the luxurious bedroom, a family-sized kitchen and bathroom, and plenty of storage space for bicycles, luggage, and all essentials. you must take it with you. No more perching on the edge of the bed, trying to eat a meal in a box to take away, enjoying a delicious meal comfortably without the need for plastic utensils.

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2. Do you have a company? The serviced apartments have several rooms.

If you are here with your family, you will need more space to live than you think (as few people occupy so much space!). Fortunately, our serviced apartments in Liverpool offer one- and two-bedroom apartments, perfect for accommodating your whole family and all of your necessary luggage! If you are traveling with a colleague, renting a multi-bedroom apartment is a perfect way to cut costs while maintaining privacy and camaraderie. For those in need of isolation or quarantine, some of our 2-bedroom apartments have two bathrooms, perfect for maintaining the privacy and space you need. Hotel rooms do not offer the luxury of having multiple rooms or any of the extra amenities and space that a serviced apartment rental offers.

3. Take advantage of additional equipment.

In addition to space, you will need additional facilities available in your accommodation to minimize the risk to you. We offer a fully equipped kitchen in each of our spacious serviced apartments, giving you the flexibility to prepare, cook and store food at your convenience. This not only cuts costs but is also ideal for those with dietary needs and minimizes contact with external food suppliers.

We also offer a grocery delivery service and are happy to have them packed in your suite before your arrival. We offer laundry service at an additional cost, but also a personal washer in each of our suites so that you can remove the lighter. You can make the most of our new initiative, PS Life, with tips for internal exercise, healthy eating, meditation, and more. PREMIER SUITES has a strict security protocol from Covid-19 and expects customers and employees to follow these guidelines for their safety and comfort.

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