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Coffee Table Designs Ideas – Top 7 Contemporary Coffee Tables Designs Options For You

The Coffee table has become indispensable furniture in the living room placed in front of the sofa set. It functions as a...

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The Coffee table has become indispensable furniture in the living room placed in front of the sofa set. It functions as a resting area for drinks, magazines, a coffee table book, etc. Usually, there are numerous coffee table designs ideas available in the market with their unique benefits.

These tables can come in many colors and shapes like round, rectangular and irregular shapes like the kidney bean in this day and age. Here are the top 7 resting places for coffee based on material or materials used, color, and form, starting from the most popular.

Top 7 Coffee Table Designs Ideas Based on Material, Color, and Shape

  1. Wood Coffee Tables

Wood is the most demanding material in a coffee table; they are suitable for rustic or traditional design themes in their home. There are also various wood selections that a furniture buyer can choose, and they are oak, pine, cherry, oak, walnut, cypress, etc.


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  1. Glass Coffee Table

You can purchase an all-glass table or a glass table paired with wood or pair with wrought iron. Glass provides the room an illusion of width because you can watch through it, which is best if you live in a small apartment or house.


  1. Noguchi Coffee Tables

This table has an interlocking wood base and a glass top. This is so famous that its design is often imitated, so if you’re in the market for one, check out the glass edge and the wood base for the artist’s signature.


  1. Stone Coffee Tables

Different stones can be used in making a stone table: marble, granite, and slate. The most popular is a marble. If you want a Victorian-style theme, this furniture will be a great table to put in front of the sofa.


  1. Bamboo Coffee Tables

This material gives three things at the same time-strong, beautiful, and sturdy. This material is famous because this is perfect for establishing an island or Asian design theme or a traditional theme for the dining room. Furniture that uses this material will be costly as it does not grow locally; they have to be imported.


  1. Lucite Coffee Tables

If you’re searching for the perfect table that is visually appealing and offers the eye the illusion of area, but you have reservations with a glass table, then Lucite, complete your search. You can now show that Persian rug with a coffee table made from Lucite, a material known as acrylic that is stronger & clearer than glass.


  1. Black or White Coffee Tables

Tables for your coffee can come in various colors, but the most famous of these colors is the black or the white-colored tables. This is because these colors go with every design theme.


Lastly, choose the coffee table designs carefully, keeping in mind your taste and existing room decor. Coffee tables, regardless of any material or color, do come in many shapes. The most popular forms are rectangular and round. Picking a table’s shape should depend on the space in the room, suitability of the shape to the other furniture.

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