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Dumbest Mistakes Made By Beginner Bloggers

I am going to share eleven dumbest blogging mistakes or misconceptions beginner bloggers make that are very hard to fix later on....

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I am going to share eleven dumbest blogging mistakes or misconceptions beginner bloggers make that are very hard to fix later on.

1. Choosing a blacklisted domain name/IP.

Many users buy domains instantly from the domain Registrar without knowing whether if this domain has already been bought and used to make spamming… Many old domains are blacklisted due to spamming.. When you buy that domain, your efforts got wasted even if you did great.. So, before buying a domain check your domain spam on these websites

2. Narrow domain name

You cannot change your domain later if you realize that your niche is too narrow and you want a blog about other things. Always study and analyze your audience size and location according to which you should buy your domain name to scale further.

3. Starting a blog on a free platform

Most people start a blog on a free platform like blogger or its almost impossible and you will never make money with your blog on a free platform because google gives no value to the subdomain and free hosted blogs. Make sure to use your own custom domain name and best web hosting service. In my opinion:-

  • For Shared hosting Namecheap is the best
  • For VPS Server hosting Contabo is the best
  • For Cloud hosting Amazon cloud is the best

4. No google analytics code on the site

If you don’t measure and analyze your traffic, you are no to far from blogging success and you want to track traffic on your site from day one sponsor and ad management companies will want to know how many visitors you’re getting. It also helps you analyze and make perfect content strategies for the future. You can check your page views, customer engagement with your content and session history data for any specific decision. This is also required to Google AdSense.

5. Using a slow WordPress theme

This will be critical for your google seo rankings you can change a theme later but it’s a lot of work choosing a fast theme from the beginning mistake. Before installing any theme try to check its google page speed insights data and also read user experiences on social networks or specific theme page reviews.

6. Using a wrong permalink structure

don’t use links with too many subfolders it’s bad for SEO if you change URLs you will lose at least 30 of traffic so use a short URL structure from the beginning. The best permalink structure blogging is


If you are using WordPress, simply go to settings > permalinks and select domain URL / post title as your post permalink structure.

7. Poor Navigation

Google and other search engines require best user experience and user interfaces on your site. Many beginner bloggers ignore this fact and used a poor navigational structure of their site. Which ultimately lead to low page views and no returning customers.

8. Color mix-ups

Some beginner bloggers use very poor colors on their website which mixes up the whole content and make it unreadable. Some colors affect colorblind & night-blind people. So try to use universal colors that anyone can understand to read the content easily.

9. Choosing a unprofitable niche

While starting a blog, beginners have no ideas what topic or niche is lucrative and what should be avoided. They often choose very low to no profit niche which later disappointed them to quit.

10. Using copyrigted material

Even if we use copyright material on our site and sometimes search engines don’t require an explanation for it, they put your site in the backyard steadily. Try to avoid copyrighted images, texts and quotes etc.

11. Writing unnecessary Paragraphs

Beginner bloggers are very passionate and in the start they write long paragraphs which doest not attract user’s readings because they waste time. Try to put as little but concise information to let users get the main point and let him read your other content in a short span of time.

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