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15+ Legitimate Highest-Paid Online Jobs in 2023

Imagine this – you wake up in the morning, not because an alarm clock has gone off, but you’re ready to start...

Written by Amelia Luna
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Imagine this – you wake up in the morning, not because an alarm clock has gone off, but you’re ready to start your day with an online job. You get out of bed and make yourself a great cup of coffee. You lazily read the newspaper and enjoy the view from your villa in your free time, and finally sitting at the computer to log in for a few hours and making a lot of money.

For the best online entrepreneurs, the money is being deposited into their bank accounts while they sleep like through affiliate marketing. For travelers, the opportunity to earn big bucks all over the world and get paid to travel is their dream job.

Call it what you want – remote work, digital nomadism, nomadic life, geographical independence, it all means one thing – how to get the highest-paid online jobs so that your work no longer binds you to a specific place.

You no longer have to get up early, over-dress, get stuck in traffic, work long hours and earn too little. Online jobs (part-time or full-time) offer incredible flexibility, and you can do these online jobs from home if you want.

Following are the all highest-paid online jobs that you can do easily from home and can earn thousands of dollars monthly. But remember, to be honest, to become a successful online entrepreneur, you must have put in a good and consistent effort to reap the fruit. Let discuss it one by one.

1. Blogger (Our Top Choice)

Well, there is no surprise here. If you’ve been reading this blog post, you know that we’re big supporters of blogging. I think everyone should have a blog. A blog is just like your real asset, and still consider one of the top highest-paid online jobs ever.

Whether you are writing about parenting, pets, building, cooking, travel, or driving UBER, you need to get a blog and write about it.


Why create a blog?

When created correctly, blogs can make a huge living.

This blog is created as the result of inspiration obtained by another blogger. In his blog post, the blogger said he earns $2,500 per month from blogging. We were shocked! This specific number completely inspired us to start our blog, which now earns us over $10,000 per month working less than 20 hours per week.

Now we are always honest about our blogging business and its earnings as we drew a lot from this blog post and in particular how transparent this blogger is about our earnings.

But it’s never a piece of cake. There are a lot of things you need to know about blogging to make it a business. There is a big difference between blogging for your friends and family and creating an online resource that can someday make money for you.

How Do Blogs Make Money?

Blogs make money in different ways. The first money you are likely to make from your new blog may arrive in just a few months. Advertisers will find your site online and contact you by email to ask if they can advertise there.

This usually comes in the form of an article or a review of your product. These articles can pay new bloggers $50-200 and established blogs over $800.

Blogs can also generate income through content ads. Those classifieds that you see in the content of this blog are currently paying around $4000 / month.

Companies spent more than $620 billion on advertising in 2019, much of which was travel-related. There is enough for everyone.

In our opinion, the best way to make money with a blog is through affiliate marketing. You are recommending a product or service on your blog that you use and love.

You associate that product/service with an affiliate tracking link, which means that if one of your readers clicks on that link and makes a purchase (for example, on Amazon), you will automatically receive a commission.

Another benefit of blogging is the sponsorship and partnerships you can create. You will be asked to rate products, hotels, tours, vehicles, brands, destinations, etc. on their website. In return, you will receive the service for free and, as soon as you are more established, you will also be paid.

You will need to diversify your blog revenue into 5 or 6 separate streams to make it a scalable, full-time business.

Most blogs take at least 6 months to start generating revenue and about a year to earn enough to pay for the trip in full. However, many fast-growing blogs managed to get hotel stays, flights, and free travel in just 3 months, while others started earning full-time income after just 6 months.

Creating a blog is not difficult, but turning it into a money earner takes time and effort. Creating a blog is like a formula and can be repeated, but you have to know how to do it well.

Similar to Google’s algorithms that govern the traffic your blog will see, growth hacks and passive income strategies can be copied and pasted into any new blog plan to help them grow quickly.

Of course, the blog is not for everyone. Although you don’t need any previous experience with the Internet ( like we never heard of WordPress before starting our blog), if you don’t like to write about things you love, taking pictures and social media, then this job is not for you.

In that case, we have included many other online jobs in this article to help you make money remotely.

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2. Digital Marketing Specialist

A digital marketer has practical experience in managing social media accounts and online advertising. Digital marketers also identify advertising opportunities, develop and implement campaigns and optimize paid media campaigns to meet conversion, acquisition, and ROI goals.


How much do digital marketers earn?

Zip Recruiter tells us that digital marketers have an average salary of just over $52,000, while a digital marketer can earn over $79,000.

A digital marketer is one of the highest-paid online jobs that does not require graduate education.

What do you need to be a digital marketer?

In addition to the typical remote work requirements for being a results-oriented entrepreneur, a clear and strategic thinker, and excellent communication and prioritization skills. Following are the most common requirements for becoming a digital marketer:

  • At least 2 years of practical experience in paid searches (Google Adwords, Bing Ads), paid social networks, native, display (agency experience a plus).
  • Deep knowledge of direct response campaigns with specific KPIs.
  • Aptitude for rigorous quantitative analysis.
  • Experience with analytical platforms (Google Analytics, Mixpanel, etc.) and the ability to produce regular and consistent reports on campaign metrics.
  • Availability to learn about new channels and marketing strategies.
  • Have good experience in lead generation.
  • A Google AdWords, Google Analytics, or similar certification is desired, but not always required.

Where to find work as a digital marketing professional?

If you are looking for a job in digital marketing, AuthO, Articulate, In Vision, Packlane, Zapier are incredible companies, including advantages, to check out.

And, if you want more freedom (as if these companies aren’t flexible enough), take a look at Toptal. It is a trusted network of the top 3% of the self-employed talent, so you know you will get well-paid jobs. Just click on the “Apply as stand-alone” button in the upper right corner to get started.

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3. Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is about selling someone else’s product online to earn a commission. It considers one of the top beneficial highest-paid online jobs from a profit point of view.

You can do it without a blog or website, thanks to the promotion on social media. Whether it’s on Facebook, YouTube, or Pinterest, you can leave affiliate links and promote the products you love to your audience.

With YouTube, you make a short video: a recipe, a tutorial, or a product review. Below the video, in the description box, leave a link to the products you used in the video and when someone buys them, you earn a commission.

For Pinterest, you upload a product image or promotional photo (make sure you’re eligible) and link your pin image to the product page. Thus, when they click on the image, they will automatically be directed to the product through your affiliate link.

You can also make a website for affiliate marketing, which is considered the most appropriate way to promote others’ products. Some excellent examples of affiliate marketing are the Amazon affiliate program or Clickbank.

4. Virtual Assistant


To become a successful virtual assistant, you must master some aspects of working online.

If you are good at social media marketing (like Facebook, Instagram Pinterest, etc.), web development, video editing, logo design, interaction with Instagram followers, blog-post editing, or translation of items, you should be able to find work.

If you have any skills that may be useful for online businesses, I recommend that you contact them directly first. Visit 10 of your favorite sites and discover areas where you can improve.

Maybe their Facebook page is not involved, maybe they take horrible photos, or there are grammar mistakes in their blog posts.

After locating some points that need improvement, send them to the website owner and send an email. Make sure you don’t sound patronizing and tell them that you can help them improve these aspects of their business.

If that doesn’t work, you can also join sites like Freelancer, Upwork, and Fiverr and add your profile to these databases and hope to find work there.

Another option is to search for Facebook groups in the niche you want to work in.

Some of the groups you run into may be closed groups, which means you will have to request access. Once there, if your administrators allow you to “advertise” to the group, you can add a message saying that you are looking for virtual assistant jobs. List all of your skills and you will probably have some stakeholders.

Become a virtual assistant, learn new skills and work from anywhere – this is one of the best highest-paid online jobs by the hour.

5. Content Creator

A content creator produces engaging material for a specific audience on behalf of a brand. In other words, they create information that is used for online and offline media, most of the online jobs run on websites and blogs. Created content can include blog posts, images, books, article writing, videos, and social media posts.

And it’s worth mentioning – content creators are often referred to as content marketers.

How much do content creators earn?

A content creator is one of the best highest-paid online jobs that pay well because you can work from home and earn under $23.00 in just an hour, which is roughly $48,000.00 a year. Even more, can be done if you can expand your skills and provide more content creation channels for a client or employer.

What do you need to be a content creator?

Most content creators develop in-depth knowledge of a specific industry and absorb related news and trends. To bring the best information to your target audience, you will need to become a professional in your industry – which doesn’t happen overnight. For example, are you passionate about technology? If so, is it up to date with the latest devices?

In addition to specializing in one industry, content creators must have the ability to switch between different types of content and thrive in a detail-oriented environment.

Where to find a job as a content creator?

There are several ways to get a job as a content creator – as an employee or as a freelancer.

First, let’s talk about companies that hire content creators:

Companies like Animalz, Aha Media, HotJar, and AuthO often hire content creators to add value to their business or to work on behalf of their clients.

Now let’s talk about being a freelance content creator.

Freelancing as a content creator offers many opportunities to work in a wide field of industries. Upwork is a popular starting point for paid jobs, creating blog content, and developing content strategies for entrepreneurs. Another option is the Problogger task board; You have plenty of writing opportunities worth checking out.

6. Manage Ads

Bloggers and website owners spend a lot of time developing their SEO, social media, and branding, so few of us have the time to learn how to create successful ads. Whether it’s on Google Ads or Facebook Ads, once you have a campaign with positive feedback, you earn.

Today, many people are learning all about Facebook Ads and finding ways to create ads that sell. They then offer their services to big brands with the idea of ​​creating Facebook ads that will increase the revenue of that business.

Since the company knows it will make money, these online jobs are usually very expensive and can be set up with monthly retentions of between $500 and $5,000 per month per client. There are thousands of people who make a lot of money online by running commercial ads. It’s an upward trend in the highest-paid online jobs and it’s not going anywhere.

Again, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. If you are new to Facebook advertising and Google Ads, it can take months to learn the ins and outs of ad platforms.

There are some great free videos available online to teach you how to create successful ad campaigns, and as soon as you get one or two clients, you could make a lot of money.

7. Watch Ads

Businesses are willing to pay you to see their ads, and there are even services that bundle these opportunities together so you can make a living from them.

How? There are people online who claim to make tens of thousands of dollars a year just by watching the ads! What an amazing way to make money from home.

Go to one of the highest-paid PTC (Pay To Click) sites like YSense, NeoBux, and PaidAdverts, sign up, and start making money online by watching video ads, clicking ads, and sending comments to users.

With just a few hours a day, you can earn a few hundred dollars a month on these sites. We don’t recommend any specific company, but if you do your research and find a reliable co-advertising company, viewing ads can be a great way to make money.

We know some people who successfully use this as a revenue strategy. It’s one of the easiest highest-paid online jobs out there.

8. Online Educator

Online educators use the Internet to teach “distance learning” individually or in small groups. The Online Educator category covers certain areas and is one of the best ways to legitimately generate good income for anyone with experience in teaching and mentoring.

In recent years, it is becoming one of the highest-paid online jobs industry, specifically due to lock down all over the world. Students are getting involved more with online tuitions and tutoring due to the pandemic situation founding in the world.

You can teach any subject you are comfortable with. English is one of the most demanding subjects to teach online. Besides, you can also teach scientific or technical subjects. Some arts disciplines, such as psychology, yoga, etc., are also in high demand.

How much do teachers earn online?

This is an online job that pays by the hour, earning $10 to $24.00 an hour, depending on how many hours you work and what you teach.

For example, online tutors for a random subject earn an average of $10.00 per hour, while ESL teachers can earn up to $24.00 per hour.

What do you need to be an online educator?

Along with a new computer (or laptop), the things you need to get started in this highest-paid online job are a reliable internet connection, webcam, good microphone, and headphones. Additional elements and accessories could also be needed, depending on what, to whom, and how you want to teach.

9. Online Surveys

Similar to display ads, many businesses pay people to complete their searches. Internet surveys allow businesses and advertisers to use data to help them understand their potential customers.

If you are looking for part-time highest-paid online jobs that you can easily do from home, this is a good job.

If you google “get paid to take online surveys” you will probably get a thousand results. Unfortunately, many of these results are complete scams, so you need to be careful when taking paid surveys online.

Some of the best online survey sites include Swagbucks, PrizeRebel, Survey Junkie, American Consumer Opinion, and InboxDollars.

10. Interpreter Translator

Interpreters and translators perform similar tasks, converting information from one language to another, however, there is a difference. Interpreters work with oral communication and translators with written communication. If you master at least two languages, working from home as an interpreter or translator is an excellent highest-paid online job option for you.


How much do interpreters and translators earn?

Hourly wages for interpreters and translators are reportedly as low as $10 an hour and as high as $24 an hour. The Bureau of Labor Statistics tells us that interpreters and translators earn an average income of $49,930 a year, or $24.00 an hour.

As you can see, it is a good-paying online job. But the quality depends mainly on the language combination you offer and the need for that combination. If your language combination is in high demand, you can earn the highest portion of the estimated hourly wage.

What do you need to be a translator?

Although you must have a bachelor’s degree, you don’t need work experience in a related profession. And with projected job prospects growing by 19% in the coming years, this opens the door to more opportunities.

With technology companies launching new applications that require translation, Spanish, Mandarin and German are the most requested languages ​​by translators.

But being bilingual is not enough to become a competent interpreter or translator. You must be an excellent writer in both languages ​​and understand the many cultural nuances of the language.

Choosing a translation niche or specialty will require additional skills and abilities that you need to develop before your career (and salary) takes off. For example, do you want to translate tourism, lifestyle, or technology websites? To gain a competitive advantage, learning and reading about these topics in both languages ​​should be part of your professional development.

Where to find translation work?

  • Freelancer

If you’re just trying to get some translation experience, Upwork, PeoplePerHour, and Fiverr are good options for finding freelance translation jobs. You may find small jobs or projects like translating restaurant menus, which can not only help you with real-world practice but can also be great networking opportunities.

There is a lot of competition on these freelance platforms, hence a lot of low-paying jobs. But for those just starting, it is appropriate to start in this field.

And when you’ve gained some experience, you can move on to the following options.

  • You can find translation jobs online at:

These are some of the best companies for online translator jobs such as Conduit language experts, Moravia, Transperfect, and Welocalize, but they require you to have the experience, so the first choice, the freelancer, is a good place to start.

11. Dropshipping

Dropshipping started to generate quite a stir in 2016 and 2017. People were on the internet claiming to have made thousands of dollars overnight. Most of the time, it was just clickable headlines and ads, but there are plenty of other ways to make money from drop shipping and this is one of the most popular highest-paid online jobs.


What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a low-risk way to start an online product selling business. Traditionally, if you wanted to do this, you would have to create a product, market it, store it in a warehouse, and ship it yourself, having to deal with refunds, returns, etc.

Dropshipping puts most of the responsibility on someone else. This entity is known as a manufacturer, dropshipping provider, or warehouse store.

Your job as a dropshipping entrepreneur would be to find a wholesale manufacturer that makes, stores, and ships your product, then you would set up an online store (website/blog) or an Amazon storefront to promote and market the product.

Finding a manufacturer will be one of the hardest things to do.

Just typing “drop shippers” on Google won’t give very good results, as only the big dropshipping manufacturers that do business with big dropshipping will have the money to invest in SEO (search engine optimization), allowing them to see their site first on Google.

You want the manufacturers of disposable small vessels to be ready to take care of your new small/medium business. For best results, try broadening your Google search to include several drop shipping terms, such as “distributor”, “wholesaler”, “wholesaler”, “reseller”, “depot” and “supplier”.

You can also combine these terms with the specific products or types of products that you want to sell.

For example: “Dropshipping Reseller Warehouse with Backpacks” can be a good term if you want to start a dropshipping business that sells backpacks and suitcases.

A website called has put together this great list of dropshipping suppliers who can help you get started.

Then you will have to promote your products. Simply put, without going overboard here, you can easily spend money on Facebook ads to drive people to your store or Amazon website.

Preferably, your website would have the main magnet (a free product to give away in exchange for an email) so that you can contact your potential customers via email, even after they have left the site. You’ll want to give them a lot of value and information about your product niche, and then offer them an option to purchase via email.

If you don’t have the money to start your dropshipping business, you will need to invest the time. Building a sweat dropshipping business is a lot like starting a blog.

You will need to market your products, build a website, and learn SEO and social strategies to increase traffic to your sales pages. Therefore, it is good to have some advertising money to start with.

12. Email / Chat Support Specialist

An email/chat support specialist provides top-notch customer service through email or chat platforms. Which is a double benefit – this line of work not only pays well, it’s also a great option if you’re a self-observer.

However, I have to be honest. Online customer service jobs pay just under $33,000 per year, But if you get one of those coveted jobs by email or chat from the right company, you will just increase your chances of winning nearly $50,000.

What does it take to be an email or chat support specialist?

To be an email or chat expert, you need customer service experience. Fortunately, the “experience” can take the form of a call center experience and even previous retail experience.

As with any customer service job, email and chat support specialists should be organized, compassionate, computer literate, able to solve smart problems, someone who can think fast and be cool.

Companies that hire remote email and chat support experts expect you to fully understand their product so that they can provide the best possible service.

Where do I find a job as a chat or email support specialist?

Aha, Articulate, Recharge, Hot Jar are amazing companies that often have legitimate customer service jobs online. And since they are remote businesses, they communicate with their customers through email and chat.

13. Design Online Course

No matter what your skillset is, some people will be happy to pay you to teach them. From passing exams to creating podcasts, baking cakes, and mastering photography, there are courses for just about every niche. If you know a certain topic, this is one of the best jobs online.

The point is that knowledge is power. We all want to learn as many skills as possible and the internet has created fertile ground for that.

Some people earn 6 digits a month (7 digits a year) selling online courses. You will need to ensure that your courses are useful, easy to follow, and lead to a beneficial outcome for your students, but it is possible to thrive in this area.

Sites like Skillshare and Udemy are great resources for anyone looking to sell courses online. Once you’ve determined what experience you’d like to sell to the world, you can visit any of these sites and follow the steps to turn your skills into a step-by-step course that others can buy and take.

The sites include lesson plans, videos, notes, and homework items, making it easy for your students to get the results they want. They also have a marketplace where you can list and advertise your course to the world.

If you plan to sell courses, I also recommend that you create a website or blog where you can sell the courses. After doing this, open a Facebook ad account and start paying some traffic to your site and A / B test different landing pages to see where to get the best results.

If you think the online learning market is very flooded, think again. People are drawn to the teacher’s classes. Your potential students may not like the people behind the currently available courses, but they may like you.

When you think about the online jobs you can do, consider your skills and share your knowledge with the world in the form of a course.

14. Social Media Manager

One of the best home-based highest-paid online jobs is also the Social Media Manager. A legitimate job for social media addicts is that of a social media manager. But we are not going to advance the game here. If you want to do this type of work professionally, you need some experience.

However, there are many entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses that do not need people with a lot of knowledge. They need people who only deal with their existing social media strategies. And by that I mean people who monitor feeds, respond to comments and questions, schedule posts, and can even create charts.


How much can you earn as a social media manager?

According to Sproutsocial, what you make with social media manager can be between $30,000 and $70,000 per year, and the average salary is more than $48,000. Of course, it depends on your knowledge of social media management and strategy making.

What do you need to be a social media manager?

This job has a specialty that falls into the category of digital marketing, however, because it covers so many different social aspects I wanted to list it separately.

A social media manager manages social media. So it stands to reason that you need to know a lot about the most popular platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, and any other network that may appear in the future.

In addition to knowing networks, you must have the skills of communication, the ability to create and edit images, and some search engine optimization (SEO) skills.

15. Illustrator

Tell me if you like how it sounds.

Draw on a sheet of paper -> load it on your desktop -> create a digital copy -> earn money!


This is just a basic outline of an illustrator’s job description. If you are a creative person and love to draw, why not turn your drawings on paper into digital art and make money with them?

As an illustrator, you can create personalized greeting cards, wedding cards, couple portraits, business cards, or even e-book covers.

Newbies can use Fiverr to sell their services, set up an Etsy store, or start their website to promote their business.

16. Freelance writing

Are you a creative thinker? Excellent! You don’t need any experience to be a freelance writer. All you need is the ability to write good instructions or tell a story and your options for making a living as a freelance writer are almost endless. You can make a blog, be a ghostwriter, publish your own e-books, write copy for marketing departments – the opportunities are endless.

Considered one of the best legitimate. With online jobs that pay weekly, freelance writers can set their own fees, either per hour or per project. And if you specialize in a popular topic, you can charge around $250 an hour.

Traditionally, aspiring writers, authors, and freelancers weren’t making a lot of money before the internet arrived, and it wasn’t considered top-notch online work. But now there are a lot of opportunities to get paid to write online. Another option is to try Upwork, a great platform for freelancers to connect with clients.

While there are more possibilities online than in print, print publications still tend to pay more. Try contacting the editors of local magazines and newspapers to see if you can find paid writing jobs there.

17. Search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization, let’s see what that means.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) increases the number of visitors (online readers) to a website through search engines like Google and Bing.

For example, if you have a vegan ice cream parlor on “ABC” street in London, every time someone searches online for a vegan ice cream parlor, your store should be the first on Google’s list.

It’s possible?

With SEO, yes.

This is why many online companies hire SEO consultants to optimize their sites for search engine ranking.

When most of us use Google to search for something, we barely get past the first page of search results and that is why businesses must rank on the first page.

Where do you find work as an SEO consultant in the beginning?

Bloggers. Many bloggers seek help to optimize their websites and you can help them with your knowledge. Besides, you can also a lot of work related to SEO on different freelancing platforms like Fiverr, UpWork, and Freelancer, etc.

18. E-book author

Thanks to Amazon, becoming a best-selling author has never been easier. First, you need to make an amazing book and then upload it to Amazon. Next, you’ll need to get people to rate you to appear higher in search queries for your topic and associated checkout boxes on the site.

To create an e-book, start typing it into your computer’s word processor (usually anything over 10,000 words can be considered a useful e-book).

The best e-books help people solve a problem. Try to help people get from point A to point B and write step by step so they can follow your recommendations to the desired result.

Once you have the basic text for your ebook, go to Canva. Here you can sign up for a free account and use the free online software to choose an ebook template to start designing your book.

Use sites like Pixabay to find high-quality royalty-free (free) images and start assembling your masterpiece, one page at a time. When you’re done, export it as a PDF and send it to Amazon. If you are not already an Amazon seller, you will need to create an account.

When creating your listing for your new e-book, be sure to be very specific. Tell potential clients about some of the weaknesses, and then explain how your book will help them solve their problems.

Once your book is live, you can promote it on social media, on your blog, and using Facebook ads. Some of the best independent e-book sellers in the world have made millions of dollars from their Amazon bookstores, which is not bad for working online.

You may not make millions, but if you can create 10 great e-book resources and market them well, you can earn enough to pay for your travels. The best part is, once your books are finished and on Amazon, you won’t have a lot of work to do and you will probably see the sales while you sleep.

Are you ready to start making big money?

As you can see, working from home does not mean that you are limited to doing small and quick jobs that do not generate much money. Many highest-paid online jobs offer a variety of responsibilities.

You can easily do a complete online job and earn a significant income. And when you focus on a particular area and become a professional, you can increase your rates and earn more money.

How do you expect to earn at least $50,000 working online? Are you interested in any of these ideas?

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