How Cheese And Milk Affect Your Health

People with diabetes are generally baffled about consuming dairy products. These products have both benefits and harms to diabetes. Are you one...

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People with diabetes are generally baffled about consuming dairy products. These products have both benefits and harms to diabetes. Are you one of those who have a question in mind that can consume dairy products contributes to your diabetes? No worries you are at the right place by the end of this text you will be surely clear with your answers.

Milk for diabetes:

Milk is considered to be the best for many diets but its carbohydrate level can make it improper for blood sugar level. Considering the nutritional facts of milk it has

  • 149 calories
  • 8g of fat
  • 12g of carbohydrates
  • 0g of fiber
  • 276g of calcium
  • 8g protein

The carbohydrates that we get from lactose obtained from milk give us instant energy. 8 ounces of milk gives 12g of carbohydrates.  There are different species of milk available at a grocery store like cow’s milk that has a difference in the percentage of fat, soy, flax, rice milk, and almond milk.

Milk’s high calcium factor can treat erectile dysfunction associated with diabetes lessening the dosage of Sildenafil Citrate. We must have milk considering its nutritional facts and carbohydrates importantly.  Having cow’s milk is proven to be beneficial to people with diabetes.

Researches on diabetes and milk

In 2011 a study was done in the Journal of Nutrition on 82,000 women who had reached menopause. Over the course, it was seen that having a diet that has low-fat dairy products could reduce the risk of diabetes in women who have reached menopause and are obese.

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition conducted a study in 2011 that established a relationship between consuming dairy products during adolescence and type 2 diabetes. It proved that consuming more dairy products during adolescence could reduce type-2 diabetes.

Research conducted in 2014, in Sweden proved that having dairy products could be effective against type-2 diabetes as it acts as a protective layer against it. This is so as milk contains saturated fat that is very helpful in diabetes.

Cheese for diabetes

Cheese is high in fat and calories making it unfit for consumption in high amounts. It must be taken in moderation to help out with diabetes. However, it must not seem to be a good choice for many people but that’s not the case as people with diabetes too can enjoy varieties of cheese keeping potent risk factors in mind. Health facts of cheese are:

  • 33g of fat
  • 98g potassium
  • 621g sodium
  • 1.3g carbohydrates
  • 25g protein
  • 105g cholesterol

It is high in calcium too which makes it beneficial for patients with diabetes. Cheese that is high in calories can make you gain some pounds of weight if taken in a high amount. Also, cheese is high in saturated fat, and having a small amount cannot be harmful. Although having a high amount can lead to higher cholesterol, weight gain, and heart disease.

It also contains high sodium concentration which can worsen the high blood pressure condition and diabetes-related issues. People with diabetes can have 2,300mg of sodium per day to consume it without risk. Cheese is also proven to reduce weakness in erection and replace medications like Glucobay 100mg in people having diabetes.

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Researches on diabetes and cheese.

A study conducted in 2018 found that fresh cheese contains 498mg of salt per 100g. You can choose fresh cheese rather than processed cheese to maintain sodium consumption.

Another study was conducted in 2019 on rats that looked at the impact of low and regular fat cheese. It was proven that low-fat cheese can improve insulin sensitivity. It reduces the risk of diabetes without altering the insulin level of the body.

A study was conducted in 2012 that concluded having 2 slices of cheese that are about 55g can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by 12 percent.

How to include milk in the daily diet for diabetics?

  • People with diabetes should look for milk that is low in carbohydrates like almond milk. Stay away from sweetened milk.
  • Milk high in trans and saturated fat must be avoided. One must encompass monounsaturated fats that can be effective when you have them in moderation.
  • Change to semi-skimmed milk from whole milk.
  • Have fat-free kinds of milk available these days in the market.
  • Make milk part of your breakfast.
  • People with lactose intolerance should resist it.

How to include cheese in the daily diet for diabetics?

  • Choose a cheese that is natural and lower in fat content, sodium, and protein.
  • Processed cheese must be avoided in daily life.
  • Higher sodium cheese such as feta and Adam must be avoided. Instead, try mozzarella, and Emmental cheese.
  • Having snacks such as mini pizza made up of cheese and veggies or sprouts with cheese can be a good option.
  • Have the right serving of cheese that is 1.5 ounces of natural cheese.
  • You can make minimal use of cheese by using it in salad dressing.


Dairy products are the better choices for diabetic patients when taken with proper care and in the proper amount. You must keep all factors in mind regarding cheese and milk and choose the right variety that suits you and then start its consumption.

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