How The Ukraine And Russian War Affects Entrepreneurs

You may be living in the United States, Pakistan or elsewhere, you can see the most terrifying war in recent history unfolding...

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You may be living in the United States, Pakistan or elsewhere, you can see the most terrifying war in recent history unfolding on the other side of the globe.

How, on the other hand, is this conflict hurting you being an entrepreneur?

It may never reach your borders, but it will make everyone feel a little uneasy, if not afraid.

How will you manage your expenses, your mortgage, and your health-care demands if gas prices double in such a short period of time?

Gas doubles in price, transportation costs double, and practically everything goes up in price, including food, clothing, medical supplies, and so on.

We do not wish to belittle the suffering of those in Ukraine, but you must also consider your own well-being and how you will get through the difficult days ahead.

Some take it a bad fortune but some war affects on entrepreneur in a way that lead them become Bill Gates, Elon musk or jeff bezos.. Hope you get my point what I am talking about.

Money, obviously, aids to resolve many of these issues. As a result, we see a few options for you:

  1. Request a raise from your employer. I’m not sure that’s very likely.
  2. You may won the lottery.
  3. Find a new way to make money. Perhaps through stocks, cryptocurrency, real estate, or creating a side business that could become a tremendous success.

If the third option appeals to you, let’s learn more what we can do. Here are a top Business ideas you can start today and earn a lot of money while you sleep or go vacations..

1. Online Businesses

Gone are the days when we wait for book releases and read our favorite texts bought from publishers. Now people are addicted to reading and learning online. In parallel writers are also doing good online by writing blog posts and articles on own websites (called blog) or other websites like medium, tumblr and ezinearticles. You can do the same to earn extra money using ad networks like google adsense etc. Idea is simple you need to

  1. Buy a domain name costs $5
  2. Buy a hosting if you want to own your shared or vps server to install WordPress or custom code or
  3. Create blog on blogger using your custom domain if you want to start a blog for free.
  4. Then write some articles you are passionate about
  5. Then apply for google AdSense and enjoy dollars coming in

Get paid to make and publish videos on YouTube. For every 1000 views on your video google pays your around $2 to $10 but first you have to pass the threshold which is 4000 hours watch time on your videos and 1000 subscribers. The idea is simple just

  1. Go to youtube and search your topic you’re expert in
  2. See how people making such videos
  3. Reproduce that content with your own knowledge and presentation
  4. Share you videos on your social networks and to friends and family
  5. Apply for youtube partner program when reaches threshold
  6. Enjoy making money for every view on your videos.
  • Digital Marketing Agency

Traditional advertising has nothing to offer now a days because every business is online even a barblor make bookings online.. So these changes created a great opportunity for those who have online business experience and can promote his own or other peoples business through social media or other online platforms.. Idea is simple

  1. Just create you agency websites
  2. Create social pages on all popular social platforms with the remarks that what you can do for their businesses growth.
  • eCommerce Store

You can start your online store same like amazon, shareasale or ebay. Idea is simple just

Create your own product or select others products to promote

  1. Buy a domain and hosting
  2. Install WordPress and WooCommerce free plugins
  3. List your ideas with prices and delivery terms
  4. Start selling online
  5. Enjoy making money coming in your dollar box

Don’t worry if you do not have any website or app  or even you have nothing to sell. Very simple idea to make money today is selling other businesses’s products. Signup of popular affiliate programs like amazon, ebay, shareasale, clickbank cj or swagbucks get their affiliat link and share to your social media profiles and give positive reviews so that people buy that product with your link and you will get a commissions.

  • Online Investing/Trading business

Not only investing in physical assets like real estate, vehicles and gold but now you can in invest online commodities stocks, currencies and crypto and trade in a click away with your mobile, laptop or PC. All you need to do is to create trading account on any valid platform like PMEX etc. install their apps and trade like playing games.

Here are local business you can start now to make a living. These require extra efforts and full time duty also offer losses if something happens wrong.

2. Local Businesses

  • Real Estate
  • Retail distribution
  • Launch your own product
  • Discount stores
  • Manufacturing Business

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