How To Protect Your Self From Corona Virus?

Coronavirus is now spread all over the world and has completely changed the world we live in today. People’s lives in this...

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Coronavirus is now spread all over the world and has completely changed the world we live in today. People’s lives in this era revolve around the virus. This virus has caused so much loss and suffering to the communities.

Coronavirus has not only affected humans physically but also mentally, financially. This pandemic has caused so much loss to the lives of people. Although people have found positive things about staying at home, still everyone is hoping this pandemic ends soon.

How coronavirus affects us?

Coronavirus can affect us in multiple ways but let us talk about how it affects us physically first. This disease is caused by the virus SARS-CoV-2 which affects our respiratory system causing severe to mild illness. Symptoms vary from person to person. In extreme cases, this virus can be deadly.

Coronavirus has also caused so much emotional damage to the lives of people. People are staying at homes away from their loved ones in isolation. This is increasing mental health issues.

So many people have lost their jobs and the poor are suffering the most. Depts. are rising and the economy is going down.

Preventative Measures

Coronavirus can be prevented by taking the following measures:

1. Wear a mask

Wearing a mask is the most essential part that can contain the spread of the virus. Masks can prevent germs from flowing into the air by creating a barrier between the person and the environment.

2. Stay 5 feet apart

Try to maintain a distance minimum of 5 feet from people. Although wearing a mask is important but is not going to give 100% protection. People can carry the virus on their hands, clothes, and accessories.

3. Wash hands often

Washing hands for 20 seconds with soap can kill the virus. Also, carry a hand sanitizer with you all the time.

4. Keep hands away from the face

Keeping hands away from the face is a good way to prevent viruses from entering your system. Touching your eyes, the mouth can easily cause a virus to enter your body.

5. Boost your immunity

Making your immune system is the number 1 priority as it can save your life. Vaccinations are now available with promising results against the disease. Having a good immune is also important for fighting the virus. Get enough sleep, eat healthily and exercise.

The thing about the coronavirus is symptoms can take up to 14 days to show after the person is infected by the virus. This is why the virus is spreading rapidly because it shows signs later. New research has found that after 10 days of the symptoms, the virus is no longer transferable from the person infected with it.

How to protect your products from coronavirus?

Preventing products from coronavirus is quite a challenge but it can be done if the right packaging is used for it. It is best if products are not directly touched by the people. We can protect the products by using eco-friendly packaging so if thrown away, it doesn’t cause harm to the environment.

It is much easier to sanitize the boxes rather than the product. After buying a product, just sanitize the box and you are good to go.

Role of icustomboxes in coronavirus prevention

We at icustomboxes understand the severity of the pandemic and how it has caused so much trouble. With the help of custom eco-friendly, we are playing a part in slowing down the virus. Custom food packaging is delivered to the customers with utmost care. Take a part in the prevention of coronavirus by getting eco-friendly packaging. Contact us and we will assist you to get your box.

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