5 Ways to Treat Impotence Cure in Islam

Impotence is a weakness in males which makes it difficult to get an erection for an intimate session. The word impotence is...

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Impotence is a weakness in males which makes it difficult to get an erection for an intimate session. The word impotence is used alternatively for erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is a weakness in the erection process. Males with erectile dysfunction cannot get an erection. Some, who are able to get a soft erection, fail to maintain it beyond a few seconds. The problem itself is not a disease, but a manifestation of any underlying disease. It can be due to physical reasons as well as emotional and psychological causes.

Treating impotence in Islam

Treatment to cure impotence is easily available these days. However, in some countries, the treatment cost is high, which discourages several males from seeking the proper medical treatment. They look for alternative ways to deal with the issue. 

it has been suggested by some experts that since pelvic floor exercises are considered a natural treatment for erectile dysfunction, an Islamic prayer, called salat in Arabic improves erectile dysfunction in males especially Muslim males.


The experiment was conducted in Malaysia which is a predominantly Muslim country.  Males in the study were divided into two groups. One group was asked to perform Islamic prayer and another was made to follow the salat movement during the prayers without reading the recitation. All males were suffering from erectile issues and some of them were using Sildenafil citrate prescribed by doctors.

salat movements which are part of the prayer in Islam involve standing, bowing, standing, prostrating, sitting, prostrating, and sitting during the prayer. The movements activate the muscles pelvic area which supports blood flow.

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Experts with the study wanted to know the impact of these movements on the erectile dysfunction of a male. Their idea was based on the premise that if pelvic floor exercise helps a male to cure erectile dysfunction, salat movements may also help improve erectile dysfunction.

The duration of the experiment was 4 months and each participant was asked to perform salat at least thrice a week. The Muslim participants were doing the salat movement in addition to their daily prayers. The non-Muslim males with erectile issues were asked to mimic the salat movements.


After the end of the duration period prescribed for the experiment, results were compared with males doing pelvic floor exercises only. There was a similarity in the results. Some improvements were noted in males performing salat and males doing pelvic floor exercises as a natural remedy for erectile dysfunction.

 Both groups, Muslims and non-Muslim who mimic salat movements, showed improvement on several parameters employed to test the erection degree of males with erectile issues.

The improvement was more in the Muslim group, as they were doing daily prayers in addition to the salat movement for experiments.

Exercise improved blood circulation

The movement of a man in prayer, where he has to perform several postures, increases blood movement to the pelvic area. The smooth flow of blood overcomes erection difficulties. When doctors prescribe Generic Levitra , they aim to increase blood flow towards the pelvic area.

Doctors and experts who were part of the study noted that with more practice or an increase in duration of salat movement, more positive results could have been achieved.

Limits of such exercises

The study group was small to come to the conclusion that salat movements during Islamic prayer will cure erectile dysfunction. There are many other reasons behind erectile difficulties. It can be a mental, psychological, relationship, or medical. 

The slow salat movement cannot be the answer to all causes behind erectile difficulties. However, the males who are facing less blood movement behind erectile issues can use the results to achieve desired outcomes.


The study showed that salat movements during Islamic prayer activated the pelvic muscles to increase blood flow toward the pelvic area. However, consultations with a doctor are necessary to understand the causes behind erectile issues. The same technique may not work in all underlying causes.

Doctors may also suggest pelvic floor exercises along with medicines to deal with severe cases. It is not necessary that males doing salat as daily prayer will never get erectile dysfunction. There are emotional and relationship issues as well, which are beyond the treatment of just physical movements.

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