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Is Now The Time To Replace Your Keyboard?

If you’re anything like the rest of the world, you’re probably incredibly online. After all, it’s not easy to survive this day...

Written by Hannah George
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If you’re anything like the rest of the world, you’re probably incredibly online. After all, it’s not easy to survive this day and age without keeping up with the digital times. From spending hours writing code or marketing proposals to getting into online arguments with strangers, you must type a lot.

And you don’t even have to be a so-called keyboard warrior to be an expert typist. There’s a good chance that your favorite keyboard has collected years’ worth of abuse at your hands. Or fingers, to be precise. But is it enough to consider replacing it? Follow these steps and find out.

#1 Judge Your Keyboard

Now is the time to give your trusted keyboard a thorough once-over. Don’t shy away from being judgmental! This is the perfect opportunity to mimic the critics on your favorite reality TV shows. So, put your laptop to the ultimate test. How does it look? Can you see crumbs and lint lining the keys? And how do its keys sound? Do they spring back up as you type, or get stuck often? How does it feel when you type? Sticky, oily, or perfectly clean?

#2 Consider Cleaning

Once you have acted out this part, list down all negative points. Then, ask yourself: can this problem be fixed by cleaning? If yes, then move to the next, critical question. Are you willing to clean it? This may entail taking out every individual keycap and getting handsy with cotton buds.

If you answer yes, then you’re good to go. Once thoroughly cleaned, your keyboard can probably last you another couple of years. If not, then it’s time to part with your filthy keyboard.

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#3 Try To Fix It

If you have a problem with your keyboard apart from its hygiene, you need to identify it. Do you experience a lag while typing? Have some keys mysteriously stopped working? Or do completely different letters than what you type appear on screen? Once you have narrowed down on the problems you are facing, do some research online.

If you look up the specific problem you are running into, you’ll probably discover someone else beat you to it. By going over online forums, threads, and tutorials, you can find an easy solution to your problem.

Moreover, you should remember that a keyboard problem doesn’t always have to be about hardware. Sometimes, software issues are the real culprit. If you go into your computer settings, you can probably figure out what’s going on. Or you can simply take your keyboard to an expert who can fix it. Then, it is for you to decide if you want to invest in fixing it. If fixing it would cost you more than buying a new keyboard would, it’s probably a good time to toss it.

#4 Indulge Yourself

Maybe you never ran into any problem with your keyboard. It works just fine, and you’ve used it for years. And that’s the real issue. So, can you buy a new keyboard if your current one has no issues?

That’s a matter of priorities. A good way to decide is by asking you what you want in a new keyboard. Are there any specs that you find attractive? Or do you have your eye on a particular new model? Are you upgrading your entire PC? And if you buy a new keyboard, where would your current one go? Most importantly: can you comfortably afford to upgrade to a new keyboard?

If you can afford a new, fancier keyboard you really want, then nothing’s stopping you. Go for it! If you want one that looks good with your new laptop or PC, it’s alright. You can indulge yourself. And if you can give your old keyboard to someone else who needs it, that’s even better.

Lastly, you are the one to decide when it’s time to upgrade your gadgets. If you’re paying for them yourself, or someone is offering you a gift, there’s nothing wrong with it. Go on, live your best life! Of course, it helps that you can do these things on your personal computer, your laptop, and even your Spectrum Mobile. The possibilities are endless!

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