Kegel Exercises For Men To Last Longer In Bed

Beside other issues, almost every male has some complication about his sexual health, whether its erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or urinary tract...

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Beside other issues, almost every male has some complication about his sexual health, whether its erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or urinary tract infections. The most important issue every men faces is premature ejaculation means during intercourse male discharge before 3 minutes. This situation make them ashamed and their partner gets confused about the sexual power of mens.

Beside other medical cures, Kegel exercises are considered elixir for premature ejaculation. So i am going to show you some best and easy Kegel exercises which will make you last longer your in bed during intercourse.

Kegel exercises are very effective for both men and women and contains many benefits like

  1. Strong Pelvic Floor Muscle
  2. Easy Labor and Delivery
  3. Healing hemorrhoids
  4. Urinary Bowel Incontinence

Here are some examples of Kegel exercises you can do to get its benefits.

  • Squat 

1.) Stand with your feet wider than hip width apart, toes slanted out slightly, arms at your sides, ribs over the pelvis, and pelvic floor relaxed. 2) Squat down as far as you can comfortably go, inhaling through your nose to maintain your pelvic floor relaxed and your tummy soft. 3) Return to standing by exhaling through your lips, contracting and “lifting” the pelvic floor. Consider exhaling as if you’re fogging a mirror with your breath. 4) Do this 10 times more.

  • Squeeze and hold

Kegel exercises are difficult for males. Compress the PC muscles and hold them there for a few seconds. Initially, count up to 10 while squeezing your PC muscles. Slowly inhale and exhale to relax the muscles. By practise, you can improve your PC muscle’s holding power over time. Perform the exercise in a set of three repetitions. It is sufficient to practise three to four times per week.

  • Flutter Kicks

1) Lie on your back on the floor or on a bench, knees bent and feet flat. Place your hands at your sides. 2) Constantly contract abdominal muscles to keep the trunk stable (or tuck stomach in by drawing naval in towards spine). The posture of the lower back should be neutral. 3) Begin by straightening both legs so that they are perpendicular to the ground. 4) Slowly drop one leg to a 45-90 degree angle. 5) Return to the starting position and do the same thing with the second leg.

  • Clamshell

Lie on your side with your legs bent and your hips stacked. With one hand on the floor in front of you, stabilize yourself. 2. Lightly exhale while lifting and contracting your pelvic-floor muscles. Open your legs like a clamshell as far as you can while keeping your feet together. Position yourself against a wall if it’s tough to accomplish this without your hips rolling back. 3. Return to the starting posture and release the pelvic-floor contraction after a one- or two-second pause with your knees open. 4. Do this 10 times on each side.

  • Both Legs Reverse Crunch

Begin by reclining backwards with your hands behind or over your head. 2. Pull your belly button in toward your spine and pull both legs towards your chest at the same moment. 3. Return to the beginning position and repeat, making sure not to arch your back as you lower or raise your legs.

  • Single Leg Raise

Begin with bending one leg while maintaining the foot firmly planted on the ground. 2. To activate the abs, raise the second leg off the ground in a bent knee position. 3. This is a fundamental practice that must be mastered before proceeding to the next phase. 4. Once you’ve accomplished it, you can lift your leg straight and extended. 5. Repeat with the opposite leg for the appropriate number of repetitions.

  • Both Legs Raise
  • The Bridge Style

Bend your knees and lie down on your back. Your feet and hips should be flat on the ground. Extend your arms to the side. Keep your buttocks relaxed and contract your pelvic floor muscles to elevate your pelvic zone. Meanwhile, move your bent legs up and down in a marching cadence. After elevating each foot five times, take a deep breath and relax.

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