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Knock at the Cabin (2023)

Knock at the cabin it is a great apocalyptic psychological horror film by my favorite M Night Shyamalan seven-year-old when is vacationing with her parents Eric and Andrew at their remote cabin in rural Pennsylvania while staying there one is approached by a mysterious stranger named Leonard initially he seems charming and explains that he needs one and her parents helped to save the world.

However while one and Leonard spend time together catching grasshoppers she becomes suspicious when three other people show up with makeshift weapons she gets scared and runs away from there to her father in her cabin and tells them that four people with weapons are coming towards them outside then she brings both her fathers inside the cabin and locks them up then explains the whole thing to her father but they are not able to understand why one is saying this only then there is a knock on the door Eric and Andrew approached the door and Leonard tells them to open the door from outside but they refuse to open the door Leonard has the names and all the information of those three and they are on vacation.

Now he asks to open the door again and and then Eric and Andrew get shocked Leonard says that he has very important work to do they see the weapons near them then Andrew wants to call the police but all the lines are dead and this thing is known to everyone outside because they only cut the line they get scared and Andrew says that he has a gun but Eric doesn’t know anything about this actually the gun is kept in the car he tells Eric outside they are talking about breaking the door.

Then they close the cabin completely and hide now they try to enter the cabin a woman walks in and Eric then starts fighting with her she knocks him down and Eric gets hit on the head Andrew steps forward and by then Ron Weasley has also entered he fights with him in which Andrew knocks him out Leonard grabs one and tells him to stop then we are shown the scene of the past Andrew had met Eric’s parents when they left there he understood that his parents were not happy with their relationship but Eric didn’t care about these things and there they vowed to be together forever in the present the four ties both of them and one sits with them Leonard tells that they have come there for work he has no choice but Andrew is furious with them he says the time has come then all four would come in front of them then there a woman comes forward and tells them that her name is Sabrina she is from Southern California and has come here leaving her dear sister alone she has come to talk to both of them after spending all her savings then Leonard comes forward and tells them he is from Chicago and is a second grade teacher along with this he is also a bartender then Redmond tells that he lives in Massachusetts and he works in a gas company he wants to kill them but Leonard tells him that according to his vision we cannot do so Andrew and Eric don’t understand their talk then a woman named Adrian steps forward and tells that she is the chief cook in a Mexican restaurant she likes to feed people and has two cats all four of them had never met before Eric tells them that he doesn’t want to join any group the group foresees an impending Apocalypse in which Leonard claims that the oceans will rise a pandemic will spread the sky will fall and finally Eternal Darkness will envelop the Earth the only way to prevent this is for the family to sacrifice one of their own they are warned that although they will survive the apocalypse if they do not make a choice they will be the last people alive Eric and Andrew suspect that the group is lying and that the attack is motivated by hatred and delusion Leonard tells that he understands their condition but this is the truth and they have not come here just like that Andrew says that none of us will give life they get scared and Leonard tells them that if none of them dies so one by one they will sacrifice their lives and first a tsunami will come into the world and then a disease will spread after some time the sky will burst and in the end the whole world will be covered in darkness the whole world will end with this thing but all three of them will be alive to see the whole world in this condition in which the first thing will begin from the first death Andrew finds all these things nonsense and they will not do anything like this then Redmond comes in front and kneels down then puts a white cloth over his head in Eric who is concussed sees a figure of light as behind him seeing which he cries he says he is giving his life for Humanity then the other three beat him to death with their weapons when gets scared of this thing Andrew and Eric remember when they went to adopt one then he was very happy and one liked him a lot now their family is complete as Andrew had said in the present Leonard is scared and he vomits Redmond’s dead body is then brought out and they start cleaning the house the director of the film man Night Shyamalan is seen in an advertisement turning on the TV media reports show devastating Mega tsunamis which Leonard declares as the start of the Apocalypse video footage is shown a tsunami hitting the Oregon coast Eric asks Andrew how is this possible and Sabrina is horrified there Leonard asks the next day to take the decision of both as soon as possible Eric remembers when the three of them were coming to the cabin then he was quite happy playing his favorite song Boogie Shoes they came near the cabin and they liked that place they were enjoying a lot taking a bath in the nearby lake presently Sabrina bandages Eric’s head injury and she apologizes for all these things she tells that whatever they are saying is the truth Eric is sad then Sabrina brings him out and ties him up Andrew and Eric talk and when sneaks out of the cabin while no one is noticing but Leonard catches her and he brings her her back he asked her never to do this again he tells her they are also scared like her Andrew tells that those people have come after him to take revenge because he remembers Redmond once attacking him in a bar his real name is Rory and he’s homophobic for this reason Rory was imprisoned then Adrian tells that they have met for the first time but Andrew is not sure about this Leonard tells them that he believes in his vision he doesn’t know about Rory but his Visions can’t be untrue Andrew says that those people are very bad and are torturing innocent people Leonard then shows Andrew a photo of his basketball team he tells that he is a coach and he works to teach children and whatever is happening now is actually his compulsion and he has to do it they all had seen visions of the end of the world for a few weeks and to save the world they had to find Andrew and Eric so they found each other and they have come here to save the world Andrew Eric and when are sad there Adrian feeds when the next morning and asks her to come to her restaurant sometime she promises to serve her best dish there Andrew asks those people to leave them when gives Eric a knife and all three appear before them Adrian states that now it is her turn and she has to save the world Eric says that you can leave from here and nothing will happen to you Adrian breaks down in tears and tells that she had seen her son burn to death many times she wants to save her son Charlie and so she requests all three of them but Eric also refuses Adrian sits there and puts a white cloth over her head and both of them take her life too when Leonard takes her from there Sabrina’s condition worsens the disasters continue as the deadly flu virus which is particularly dangerous for children spreads across the world Eric tells that he too had seen some strange Visions Leonard asks about this he then tells that he saw a light when Redmond was being killed and there he saw Visions Andrew finds this thing nonsense he says that the news is fake which is pre-recorded and is being shown to them Leonard is behind these things there Eric points to one and then one starts screaming there then Leonard goes to pacify him until then Eric cuts the Rope and gets free then he starts fighting with Leonard Andrew manages to escape retrieves his gun from his car and shoots at Sabrina until she flees he then comes in and threatens to kill Leonard seeing the gun Eric remembers that they both met in a bar many years ago and both of them were talking about their love Redmond comes close and abuses them and then he attacks Andrew then he left and then Eric took care of him his head was treated in the hospital and since then Andrew had started Living in a rage that’s why he had bought a gun so that he could protect them when the time came he finds Redmond’s wallet and proves to Leonard that he was Rory and he tells that he had come only to take revenge Le under agrees with him but he does not know how he got this Vision Sabrina breaks into the house and is shot fatally by Andrew then he brings Leonard to the lavatory and locks him up inside he starts breaking the window Leonard tricks Andrew into coming into the lavatory by making him think he escaped through the window and then overpowers him stealing the gun Leonard sacrifices Sabrina and the broadcast shows spontaneous plane crashes occurring around the world even when seems to be getting these things right now due to the fall of the plane in the whole world the cities are being destroyed Eric is now scared because of whatever is told in the news Leonard already knows Andrew says he is a liar how could he know these things Leonard tells that he has seen all these things many times in his vision and there Eric also finds these things correct Andrew tells that the end of the world may be true but nothing is connected to the death of those people then Leonard asks them to walk outside now Leonard is about out to take his own life he informs them that after his death they will only have a few minutes to make a decision before it is too late Eric tells when to hide in a nearby tree house then one leaves from there Leonard tells that he also does not know why he got this Vision he sacrifices himself by cutting his own throat upon his death the sky becomes even darker and lightning strikes causing fires and more planes to crash Eric now believes that the events are real and that The Intruders represent the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse not wanting one to grow up in a destroyed World Eric offers himself as the sacrifice he reveals that in the light during Redmond’s sacrifice he saw a vision of Andrew and an adult one Eric feels that their family was chosen to make the sacrifice because their love was pure reluctantly Andrew shoots and kills Eric before lightning strikes setting the cabin on fire Andrew and when find the visitors truck with belongings that corroborated their stories they drive to a crowded diner nearby where they watch news reports confirming that the disasters have subsided returning to the truck the radio turns on and plays Buddhist Shoes by Casey and the Sunshine Band the song Eric played for them on their drive to the cabin and with this scene this film ends.

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