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Missing homely groceries in Italy? Buying Indian groceries in Italy is a very hectic task as there are very few stores offering...

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Missing homely groceries in Italy? Buying Indian groceries in Italy is a very hectic task as there are very few stores offering good quality Indian groceries. Moreover, the pandemic has made it tougher and increased the need for a trustable one-stop shop for Indian groceries online in Italy. is one such online Indian grocery store in Italy that offers premium quality grocery items, Indian fruits, and vegetables to your doorstep at the best in market prices.

Reasons – Why Dookan is Becoming Famous? is currently the most trusted online Indian grocery store in Italy, and there are several reasons for that, let’s find out:

#1 Premium Quality Products and Collaborations

Dookan is well known for its A1 grade quality products and having a diverse portfolio offering the best Indian brands from different categories.

For example, Everest spices for spices, Haldiram snacks in ready-made snacks, Aashirwad in wheat flour, you name your favorite Indian grocery brand, and Dookan has it! Moreover, Dookan continuously strives to improve the catalog with more brands and the best prices.

#2 No Minimum Order Value

Unlike all other stores that sell Indian groceries online in Italy, there is no minimum cart value requirement to order from

#3 Free of Cost Delivery

Dookan offers free delivery on weekdays on all orders above 59 Euros, and if your order value is below 59 Euros, you need to pay the delivery charge of 6.99 Euros.

#4 Discounts and Cashbacks

Dookan is gaining popularity because of its best in market prices and never-ending offers. Currently, Dookan is offering the below-mentioned offers that will let you save some serious pennies:

  •   Wednesday Offer: You can avail of a discount of 10% on your total payable invoice every Wednesday by using the coupon code “MIDWEEK10.”
  •   First Order Offer: Register yourself and avail of a discount of 10% on your first order from Dookan by using coupon code “WELCOME10”. The minimum cart value for this offer is 49 euros.
  •   Mobile App Offer: Dookan offers a discount of 5% for all first-time mobile app users. To take advantage of this offer, coupon “MOBILEAPP05” has to be used.
  •   Monthly Cashbacks: Dookan values its regular customers and offers a cashback of 10% on monthly spendings if the spending is over 99 euros.


*Read offer-related terms and conditions on before buying.

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Products Sold by Dookan

Dookan is an online supermarket with all things desi, and its vast range of products proves it right. From eatables to utensils to personal and home care products, everything you need for your day-to-day life is available at and mobile application.

Here is a brief catalog

#1 Grains, Flours & Flour Mixes

  •       Chapati Flour (Wheat Flour): Brands available are, Aashirwad, Pillsbury, Heera, and Patanjali
  •       Misc. Flours And Flour Mixes: Brands available are: Aachi, Annam, Heera, Patanjali, Jivva, Shankar, TRS
  •       Basmati Rice: Brands available are Annam, Heera, KRBL Ltd & Tropic
  •       South Indian Rice: Brands available are Aachi, Annam, Heera, Shankar, Telugu Foods
  •       Lentils & Whole Grains: Brands available are Annam, Heera, KRG, Tropic, TRS
  •       Grains & Rice Derivatives: Brands available are Aachi, Annam, Alin, Heera, Jivva, Shankar, Tropic & TRS
  •       Gluten-Free: Aachi, Annam, Tropic, Shankar, TRS
  •       Canned & Boiled: Brands available are Annam, Heera, TRS

#2 Spices, Condiments & Pastes

  •       Whole Spices: Brands available are ALIN, Annam, Heera, MDH, TRS
  •       Ground Spices: Brands available are Aachi, Annam, MDH, Heera, Patanjali, TRS, Everest & Priya
  •       Spice Blends: Brands available are Aachi, Heera, Kings, Maggi, MDH, MTR & Everest
  •       Pickles: Brands available are Aachi, Ashoka, Chings, Kings, Pachranga, Patak, Priya, & Telugu Foods
  •       Sauces: Brands available are Chings, Jivaa, Kissan, Maggi, Nandos, & Weikfield
  •       Pastes & Pulps: Brands available are Aachi, Jivaa, Heera, Kissan, Little India, Patak, Patanjali, Priya, Telugu Foods & TRS
  •       Cooking Oils & Ghee: Brands available are Aachi, ALIN, Amul, Heera, Idhyam, Khanum, KTC, Parachute, Patanjali, Pran, TRS
  •       Cooking Aid: Brands available are Aachi, ALIN, Annam, Chings, GSK, Heera, Jivaa, LG, Maggi, Nestle, Patanjali, Rasanand, Shankar, Suhana, Tata, TRS, & Vandevi
  •       Dry Fruits & Nuts: Brands available are Annam, Dookan, Heera, Jivaa, Pan Parag, Rajnigandha, TRS

#3 Instant Food, Snacks & Beverages

  •       Savoury Snacks: Brands available are Annam, Bikaji, Chheda, Chitale Bandhu, Haldiram, Heera, Lays, Telugu Foods, TRS
  •       Street Foods: Brands available are ALIN, Annam, Haldiram, & Heera
  •       Sweets: Brands available are Cadbury, Chandan, Chheda, Haldiram, NA, Parle, Patanjali, Shankar & Tropic
  •       Cookies: Brands available are Britannia, Delifresh, Parle, Karachi Bakery, & Regal
  •       Papadum & Khakhra: Brands available are 70ak, Aachi, Annam, Ganesh, Heera, Lijjat, & Madurai Meenakshi
  •       Beverages: Brands available are Brooke Bond, Cadbury, Bru, CocaCola, GSk, Kingfisher, Littleindia, Nestle, Palanquin. Patanjali, Tata & Wagh Bakri
  •       Ready-Made Mixes: Brands available are Aachi, Annam, Gits, Heera, MTR, Priya, Shankar, & Suhana
  •       Noodles: Brands available are Bambino, Chings, Heera, Maagi, MTR, Wai Wai, & TRS


Great offers, a vast catalog of products and brands, and the best in market prices make Dookan a one-stop shop for Indian groceries online in Italy.

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