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Setting Up A Business Paypal For Twitch 2023

Starting your streaming career on Twitch begins not only with your broadcasts on your channel, but also with financial aid or donations...

Written by Kivihe Dxecig
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Starting your streaming career on Twitch begins not only with your broadcasts on your channel, but also with financial aid or donations that you and other nonprofits can get. PayPal is one of the money transfer platforms that many Twitch streamers trust a lot. There is a way to link your PayPal account to Twitch, and it involves a few steps.

How to Setup PayPal with Twitch
If you are among the many streamers on Twitch, you can start receiving donations from your viewers through the Twitch panels. However, your PayPal must be in a merchant account to begin linking and receiving donations. You can easily upgrade your personal PayPal account to a business account, but you can also set up a separate business account.

Linking PayPal to Twitch for
Streamers can accept donations or payments by linking the PayPal donation to their account. This is easy, as is adding the donate button on Twitch. Here are Let’s do this step by step:

Go to All tools in your PayPal account.
Be sure to use a business account, as some features that you will use to collect donations are not available on a personal account. From your business account home page, click on the All Tools tab.

Select PayPal buttons
Look for the Paypal buttons and select them to add payment buttons to your website and accept PayPal and all major credit cards. After that, you will find the option to donate; just click on it.

Click “Create New Buttons”.
PayPal has predefined buttons. So, choose the New Button link on the right hand side of that page. It will redirect you to the donation page.

Fill in the donation button preferences.
On the Donations page, you will need to enter the name of your organization. You may notice that there is a link to customize the buttons. But anyway, Twitch never let you to add changes in HTML.
Therefore, you can choose to click on it and proceed with setting your preferred currency.

Consider the most common currency your viewers have. After that, you will have the option to choose whether you want a fixed amount of donations or any random amount from your viewers.
After that, you will enter your merchant name, proceed to step 2 and check the checkbox to save the PayPal button. Step 3 is about your customer’s shipping address and your ability to send messages when making a donation.

Create the donation link
The next step would be to set up the landing page when viewers see options to cancel or finish donating money. Finally, click on the create button. Now your button is ready, but keep in mind that you cannot use HTML with Twitch, and it will only use the link version.

Create your donation panel on Twitch
Since you cannot add HTML elements to Twitch, you will need to create a button image. There are many applications where you can create custom buttons like Canva, RelayThat or Nerdordie.

Add your link in the button
Once you have the button image with you, you can start adding the donation panel. You can do this by toggling the edit panel button and clicking the + sign.

Add Twitch Donation Button
Then select Add Text / Image Panel. Next would be the title panel. Then upload the image you made. Then in the section image links, you can add the PayPal link that you had a while ago. Then add a description.

Start receiving donations on your channel or on your favorite streamers. Set up the donation button code with the steps above. You can create a donation email link through the seller preferences on the summary page or “My sales tools” on the profile page if you have a merchant account. May you have more viewers and donations too. Ask about payment method, preferred payment method, payment history, History tab, transaction history, minimum donation option, additional options

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