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Step By Step Guide to Get Free Unlimited Organic Traffic To Your Website

Written by John Harry
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Whether you’re running a blog or ecommerce store you need traffic to monetize your website and of course this is the main part to change the online game. there are two main methods to get free organic traffic

  1. Paid Advertising on Google or other social platforms
  2. Free Organic traffic with Good SEO or Social tricks.

I will guide you, how you can get free unlimited organic traffic to your website, blog, app or any webpage.

1. Target Keyword

First thing first, whatever your target keyword is, must be included in your main domain (URL) lets take an example. Suppose, your blog is about health related topics so you can buy domain name like or or anything else having a main keyword in it

2. Search Engine Submissions

Submit your website/blog on Google Search Console. simple way to submit your site to GSC is to goto and at first instance it will look like this

If you have created your website sitemap then you should choose option one and submit your site homepage link in domain at left side. because it will crawl all of your pages. but if you cannot create your website sitemap then you can submit your website all URLs pointed at right side in image.

why we need to submit our website in Google Search Console, because it crawl all of your site pages and shows on google. com search results according to your content and domain authority.

Not only google . com, you should submit your website in bing search engine as well as duckduckgo etc.

3. Site Speed

Search engines consider site speed as most important factor in ranking a website especially google. you can check you site speed at google pagepeed insights following this URL:  it will look like this

4. Get Listed in Online Directories 

You must submit your website links on online directories especially do, web submissions. simply goto google and type in Free web submissions and click the first page and submit your site homepage URL, add your email and they will submit your site URL to 100+ web directories including search engines like google, bing etc.

5. Build Backlinks

Backlinks are external links which when clicked redirect back to your website. suppose you submitted an article on and inserted your own website link in any paragraph. so you link on is a backlink to your website. in fact it tells google how valuable your website is. as many backlinks you create for your website as high your website domain authority will be in the eye of google search engine and chances are your website rank quickly on google on given keyword.

6. Post to Social Media

Include Hashtags in Your Posts
Use Landing Pages
Target Long-Tail Keywords
Start Email Marketing
Guest Blog

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