Tenet Review – Not As Difficult As It Says

For those of you who are still hesitant to watch Tenet, let’s take a look at the following Tenet Review. After waiting...

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For those of you who are still hesitant to watch Tenet, let’s take a look at the following Tenet Review. After waiting from July to August 2020, we finally saw Tenet. And it turns out that after seeing the latest movie from genius director Christopher Nolan (Memento), this movie isn’t as difficult/complicated as it says it is.

“Huh, really? Isn’t Nolan really famous for his brain exercises?” If you want to be on the safe side, let’s go without further ado, just take a look at the following review.

Before we comment and rate this point, based on the point’s title, let’s go over the essence of the Tenet plot a bit.

Tenet, as you may have read, is also posted on the website, focusing on the anonymous protagonist played by John David Washington (Monster). He is a member of a CIA agent.

After completing a mission at the Opera House in Kyiv, Ukraine, he was tasked by a secret organization called Tenet to find and destroy a bullet and various inverted objects.

He ordered it to be searched and destroyed so that the whole world could avoid potential global chaos or, more specifically, World War III. As a result, he is assisted by his partner, Neil (Robert Pattinson), at the start of this important mission.

So if we read the plot summary, it’s obvious that Tenet’s plot is very light. But there again, since the day before, there was a large audience and even critics who said that this film was “confusing”, “complicated”, in short, it’s difficult.

Well, after watching the 150-minute movie ourselves, honestly, we don’t feel that way. In fact, we really got the meaning of this story and it didn’t seem too complicated to watch either. It is simply delicious.

Maybe (maybe yes) those who think this way dislike complex movies and stick their heads a bit or just don’t understand the story.

Because, as we said at the beginning of this paragraph to review the Principle, we make it easier, making it easier. In fact, about 10 to 15 minutes earlier, we were still feeling our way. But after that, the plot looks good and leaves us infinitely curious.

The point is, Tenet’s plot isn’t complicated, but Nolan’s own tales. Although we don’t think Nolan should either. Suddenly, this agitation / innovation seems very “enigmatic”. Even though it’s at the same time, it still looks awesome.

The feeling of lightness is more and more felt with the appearance of all the real mature and committed actors. More importantly, they also seem to really understand the vision for the story of the film.

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Washington, as the main character, seems to know very well what he’s doing. He is very intense, sexist, intelligent, and very charismatic like his dear father, Denzel Washington (Training Day).

He looks very comfortable and masters this role. And if you look at his appearance, Washington also looks good if he’s chosen to be Agent 007, aka the new James Bond.

As with Pattinson, not only does he look bad playing his active role in this movie, but we’ve at least seen Pattinson “pre-Batman.”

Because? When he plays Neil as his own, he’s seen as half Bond, half Batman, half Bruce Wayne. At least that’s our vision. The combination makes this character cool again.

What is perhaps a little disappointing is just Kenneth Branagh as the main villain, Andrei Sator. Not that Kenneth’s performance was bad. But the problem lies more in the writing of your character Andrei. The reasons and characteristics are very common.

That said, Kenenth just isn’t right to play a serious villain like that. But, luckily, he kept doing his best.

Overall, the background looks and feels modern but still looks a bit classic. Thus, the location of each object seems very harmonious with the story being told.

And what’s probably 50-50 for audiences is that regardless of the movie shot in 7 different countries, the difference doesn’t seem significant. Or in other words, become a unit.

In addition, Tenet took pictures in 7 different countries, namely: Denmark, Estonia, India, Italy, Norway, England, and of course the United States.

In this principle, Nolan does not collaborate with his regular collaborator, Hans Zimmer (The Dark Knight). But he gave the scoring department to Ludwig Goransson (Creed, Black Panther).

It is not a bad choice. Even in the opening scene, the composition of the score goes well with the “thunderous” opening scene. But the problem here is that the score for this film is not that significant.

Background music exists only to fill in the gaps. Unlike Zimmer in The Dark Knight, Inception, and Interstellar, where music is part of the whole story presented.

But this is also not Goransson’s fault. Because Tenet is actually a type of film that forces audiences to really focus on the screen. Therefore, we do not have time to feel and even combine the score with the scene presented.

But yes, if you feel that way, yes, it’s up to you. The story is really perverse. But it is still very understandable. Especially throughout the film, we remain curious about every detail of the next plot scene.

As a result, even if it is complicated, everything will simply pass. In addition, there are many cool and crazy looks that surprise us. Most importantly, the film still looks like Nolan.

So, if you insisted on watching Tenet from the start, watch it after reading this Tenet review. Even if the anticipation is weak, that’s fine. In essence, Tenet is a wonderful film for our eyes and brains to enjoy.

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