The Foolishness Of Ukrainian Comedian

Whatever, you are powerful, but ego is not acceptable even a poorest man will challenge you and beat you down. In religion...

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Whatever, you are powerful, but ego is not acceptable even a poorest man will challenge you and beat you down. In religion we see strongest emphasis has put on ego less environment. Because ego kills families and races.

Same went with Ukraine, a comedian came in power but became so called friend of coward nations. Who on the basis of technology thinks that they can kneel down whole world But world saw that what happened in Afghanistan. 50 States nation of USA, 28 NATO countries plus India & Israel, around 80 countries fought with Afghanistan but faced defeat with disgrace. World knows how The soldiers of these 80 countries turns tail.

Ukrainian people are very talented and future oriented but they did not know the comedian seeking Europe affiliation could bring destruction [UN] to their lives, that Europe which has given not more than a birth to poverty and battles to the world. Saying goes “Divide and rule” is the favorite game of Europe and America.

For example, if you are living in a colony, where men, women of different locality lives around you and you want to do some act in the locality. Tell me is it possible that you could do it by yourself before seeking approval of your locality? absolutely not.

The same way, Ukraine wants to be dominated under Europe and America, but Russia does not accept this slavery of his region. The comedian president Ukraine Mr. Zelensky [Wikipedia] tried it without coordinating with Russia.

Therefore, thousands of Russian Armed Forces servicemen and military equipment began massing near Russia’s border with Ukraine and in Crimea in March and April 2021, marking the greatest mobilization since the invasion of Crimea in 2014. As a result of the fears of an invasion, an international crisis erupted.

Around 2,435 civilian deaths during Russia’s military attack on Ukraine as of April 21, 2022. Of them, 184 were children

Who is responsible for these deaths?. Russia?, Europe/America? or someone else?

No one is responsible for this, the one and only The comedian, the president Mr. Zelensky is responsible for these deaths. Why did he become egoist just on the dialogues of American & Europe how just putting verbal limitations on Russia.

The one and only is being killed is Ukrainian innocent people not the America or Europe, because they are safe and sound.

The last request is to people of Ukraine, please control this egoist comedian president and make intellectual decision by collaborating with Russian in amicable way so that innocent lives can be saved first.

Europe and America will give you what they have given to Afghanistan, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Iraq and Vietnam, only destruction and mass killing of your beloved ones.

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