The Greatest Secret Of The Universe

What Yogis and Sages says, the objective of human life is to merge one’s individual awareness with the Supreme Consciousness. Yoga is...

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What Yogis and Sages says, the objective of human life is to merge one’s individual awareness with the Supreme Consciousness. Yoga is the practice of uniting one’s little “I” with the Cosmic “I.” Anyone who has tried to meditate understands that obtaining yoga’s ultimate goal is not as simple as it appears. Many people, in fact, abandon their quest before reaching their goal. Despite this seeming difficulties, there is a simple approach that can bring ultimate joy within everyone’s reach.

It’s important to understand how the meditation process works before I unveil the “biggest secret in the universe. Meditation is built on the premise of “as you think, so you become.” When you think about something limiting or small, your intellect shrinks as well.

On the other hand, if you ignore the actual world around you and focus your thoughts on an infinite object, your mind expands. If you follow the procedure step by step, every day, eventually your separate awareness will unite with the Supreme Consciousness.

The most significant stumbling block on this route is your own ego. To begin meditation, you must, of course, have an ego.

After all, you can only begin meditating if you say, “I will practice meditation today.” However, it becomes irritating if, instead of focusing about the Supreme Consciousness, you begin to think about “my job,” “my house,” “my car,” and other things related to your daily life throughout the meditation process.

You can remove your connection to ordinary stuff with consistent practice and eventually reach at a condition where you just have one thought in your mind: “I am the Supreme Consciousness.” Although this is a fantastic accomplishment (called in yoga as Savikalpa Samadhi), your “I” feeling still intact.

You will stay distinct from ultimate unification with the Supreme Consciousness as long as you have a sense of individual consciousness.

This is when the “biggest secret of the universe” comes in handy. Normally, when you meditate, you are the subject and the object of your thoughts is the Supreme Consciousness. If you flip it around and think of the Supreme Consciousness as the subject and you as the object, your meditation will be drastically different.

When you believe that the Supreme Consciousness is all around you, watching you and meditating on you, it will be much simpler to stay in a meditative state. Let him meditate on you instead of trying to meditate on the Supreme Consciousness! What could be more straightforward?

This approach, as basic as it is, is the key to achieving a condition in which you have no sense of your particular “I” and only the joyous unity with the infinite.

There’s an old anecdote that explains how this works. A seeker knocked on the door of a house. “Who’s there?” inquired a voice. “I am here,” said the seeker. There was no response from within as the door remained locked. The seeker returned the next day and tried again. “Who’s there?” he was questioned again, and he replied, “I am here.” He was unable to enter once more.

He finally knocked on the door one day, and when the voice questioned, “Who’s there?” he replied, “Thou,” and the door opened for him.

The mystery is in between. Feelings pass by like clouds in a blustery sky. My anchor is conscious breathing.
Meditation is a practice of letting go, of trusting in the fundamental goodness of what we have and who we are, and of realizing that any wisdom that exists already lives in what we have. Rather of striving to better, modify, or get rid of who we are or what we’re doing, we might live our lives in such.

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