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Top 4 Tips To Sell Your Ideas Through Explainer Video

Explainer videos are mostly used by companies or brands to explain their services and products.  These short online marketing videos help businesses...

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Explainer videos are mostly used by companies or brands to explain their services and products.  These short online marketing videos help businesses to hold the customers on their pages or websites. Moreover, it is also one of the best ways to gain new customers and explain your services.

If you want to create an explainer video for your brand then here are basic tips that will help you in designing an outstanding video.

  • Figure out the type of explainer video
  • Prepare a successful script
  • Simple and short content
  • Record proper voiceover to explain your services

Figure out the type of explainer video

There are several types of explainer videos like 2D, 3D, and motion graphics. You just have to find the one you want to according to your preferences. There are plenty of other options from a custom whiteboard explainer video to a live-action explainer video.

Do some research and find out the one that will hold an audience for you. Check the industry to know the strategies your competitors are using. Take some ideas and make a perfect video that differentiates you from others.

When you get the one; for instance, it’s a whiteboard explainer video; create a simple, attractive, and short video. Make it informative by breaking larger concepts into smaller forms. Create a versatile video that attracts audiences in a very short time.

Prepare a successful script

Explainer videos are an amazing communication tool only when they tell the correct story. For example, if you fail to deliver your message through an explainer video then it is a flop. You don’t need to create more. However, to avoid these situations design a perfect script first. You can also hire a writer to create your script.

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Here are some amazing tips to help you in creating an ideal script for your animation video.

  • Write your message first
  • Focus on your brand services and the main objective
  • Get complete information about your company
  • Convey your message in simple words
  • Communicate with that audience
  • Connect them to your story
  • Include some emotions
  • Take care of the content length because explainer videos are mean to be short
  • Adjust voiceover to your script

Simple and short content

The whole idea of a successful explainer video depends on the content you produce. So, take your time and create informative, engaging, but simple content. There are several ways to do that like you can add a professional tone while explaining your services. Moreover, simple vocabulary is easy to understand and also helps in engaging the audience in your video.

You can also short sentences and explain them with pictures or videos related to the topic because most people are fascinated with the pictures than any lengthy text.

Storytelling is one of the best ways to explain anything without losing the attention of the audience. You can also use this whilst writing your script. Create a story related to your video and add some media to hold the customer and also attract new customers to your business.

Record proper voiceover to explain your services

The best part of an animation video is that it helps in communication and delivering your message to the viewers. You have to record a proper, crack-free voiceover that explains the story well. Record a clear voice without any destruction because poor audio can ruin your complete video.

There are some professional voiceover artists available online. You can hire one of them to create a perfect voiceover in an animation video.


All the points mentioned above are the most common tips that are used to create explainer videos. You can design a unique video by adding some creativity to it. Follow all the guidelines and add some of your ideas to prepare an ideal video for your brand.

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