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How To Train Your Subconscious Mind Towards Success?

Scientists say we only use 10% of our mind. Think about what I just said. We only use 10% of our mind!...

Written by Misej Well
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Scientists say we only use 10% of our mind. Think about what I just said. We only use 10% of our mind! We are wasting the remaining 90%. Think about it: what if we only use 10% of our salary? Can we survive on 10% of our salary? No way, unless it’s you’re Bill Gates. How about eating only 10% of the food we prepare? Wouldn’t that be a waste of food? What if we only slept 10% of the 8 hours or 80 minutes a day? Can we survive? What if we only had 10% of the oxygen available? Can we survive? The answer to all of these questions is a resounding NO!

So why do we tolerate using only 10% of our brain? Look at your life. Are you living the life you want on your terms? Are you happy with what you have created or do you think it could be better? You are probably living on only 10% of your capacity.

What if you could improve your life by 100, 500, or 1000%? I can hear you say “It’s impossible” or “It’s very difficult to do”. If you said that, you are repeating the same pattern in your life, that is, you are only using 10% of the brain or less.

If you’re happy to use only 10% of your brain, stop reading now. If you are not happy and want to use the rest, read on. Think about the greatness you can achieve using all of your minds.

There were several great masters of the use of the mind, such as Napoleon Hill, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Maxwell Maltz, and many others. These men knew how to use the power of the mind and how to control it.

I am here to say that you currently have the most powerful tool in the universe, your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. Your subconscious mind knows everything.

You have all the answers if you use them correctly. It can lead you to a life of harmony, wealth, health, joy, and success! This is possible with all aspects of your life.

It’s not your fault. They never taught you to use your mind. The past is over and today can be a new beginning. No matter what happened before today, what matters is what will happen from today.

You have to believe in your subconscious and know that it can allow you to lead a life of joy and success.

Let’s start with a very simple procedure. Use your subconscious mind as an alarm clock. Before you go to bed at night, tell her what time you want to get up. Suppose you want to wake up at 7 a.m. Before bed, tell your subconscious to “wake up at 7 am” and, as you say, visualize a clock showing 7 am.

The first step in changing your life is to start making impressions in your subconscious. You can do this by making statements and having certain thoughts. For example, let’s say you want to attract money into your life.

You can just repeat those words “I am wealth and success”. Repeat these words several times a day. They are best pronounced in the morning upon waking up and just before bedtime. This is when your mind is in the alpha state. When saying them, be sure to be serious and focus on the words. Don’t feel like a chore or it won’t do you any good. You can also say them while meditating.

It can work for anything. Make sure the statements are positive and don’t express the negative. For example, if you want to quit smoking, don’t say “I don’t smoke”. Instead, say, “My lungs are clean and healthy, and I don’t have any cigarettes.” “I am” are two of the most powerful words in the English language.

In addition, it is very important to think positively, not to say to yourself “I’m never lucky” or “I am destined to be poor”. Think differently, “I’m lucky” or “things are still working out for me” and I’m rich and successful. “If you find it hard to believe what you’re saying, change them to make them more believable. You can start small or say, “I’m getting rich. ”

If you need help with a problem or are in a situation where you have to make a tough decision and don’t know what is best for you. Ask your subconscious for help. Let’s say you are looking for two different vacancies and you have a hard time choosing them.

Ask your subconscious for help. You can say something like “The infinite wisdom of my subconscious, I ask for your help in deciding what is best between these two vacancies, I ask for your help and advice in making a decision that is right for me. better”.

Stay quiet and listen to your subconscious. Close your eyes if necessary and don’t force anything to come towards you, but be quiet and listen. If the answer doesn’t come immediately, that’s fine. You are probably looking for the answer and it may take some time. But I guarantee that the answer will come … maybe the next day or next week.

You just need to be alert and have your antennas on. The answer may come from something outside of you, perhaps after you wake up. You can be sure of what to do. You can read or listen to something that can enlighten you about what to do. You can get your answer by meeting a friend, and he can say something that can help you make a decision. Just be patient and don’t get frustrated or think too much. By doing this, you delay receiving the response form.

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