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Daniel Craig’s career as James Bond is finally coming to an end, so if you need a background history of everything he’s...

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Daniel Craig’s career as James Bond is finally coming to an end, so if you need a background history of everything he’s done in his James Bond movies, That’s all you need to know about previous James Bond 007 movies before watching No Time to Die movie.

Daniel Craig’s career as James Bond 007 began in 2006’s starting from the movie Casino Royale till No Time To Die. I will provide you with a full recap of Bonds movies so that you can understand the background of what actually follows in the No Time To Die Movie.

Casino Royale.

Bond has just been promoted to “double-o” agent, a top-secret branch of MI6’s Secret Intelligence Service. On his first mission as 007, Bond foils a terrorist attack on the Sky fleet plane. SIS chief “M” informs Bond that the mastermind behind the attempted terrorist attack was Le Chiffre, a private banker for terrorists. Shorten shares of successful companies and stage terrorist attacks to sink stocks and reap the financial rewards. But after Bond foils Sky fleet’s attack, Le Chiffre is stuck with a huge financial loss. And so, Le Chiffre organizes a high-stakes poker tournament at Casino Royale in Montenegro in hopes of recouping his losses.

Bond is sent to the tournament to defeat Le Chiffre, and MI6 hopes that a defeat will force cash-strapped Le Chiffre to help them take down their terrorist creditors in exchange for their protection. Bond’s allies in this mission include MI6 agent Rene Mathis and an alien liaison named Vesper Lynd. The tournament is not particularly fun for Bond, as during his stay in Montenegro, he is forced to kill a rival, nearly kills himself with poison, and even LOSES the tournament.

Fortunately for the latter, Bond befriends a CIA agent named Felix Leiter, who buys Bond back in the tournament with the promise that the CIA would be the one to arrest Le Chiffre. Bond eventually manages to successfully win the tournament and strike up a romantic relationship with Vesper along the way. Le Chiffre has Vesper and Bond captured and tortures Bond into handing over the password to the account that contains the tournament winnings. And that’s where the mysterious Mr. White appears. White is a leader of the secret organization “Quantum” who lost a lot of money due to Le Chiffre. White kills Le Chiffre and his men and frees Bond and Vesper.

Vesper confesses her love for Bond and he resigns from SIS to elope with her. On vacation in Italy, Vesper betrays Bond and hands over the Casino Royale winnings to Quantum. Bond fights the Quantum agents, but Vesper drowns. A distraught Bond calls M back to duty and is told that Vesper had a boyfriend arrested by Quantum and that the money was to secure her release. When Bond checks Vesper’s phone, he finds that she left Mr. White. And so Bond tracks down Quantum’s leader, Mr. White, shoots him in the leg, and takes him into custody.

Quantum Of Solace.

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The story continues in Quantum of Solace, a case… sleepier. The Quantum Agents of Mr. White manage to rescue their leader from Bond and SIS. Bond then discovers another Quantum leader in Dominic Greene, who is trying to help overthrow the Bolivian government and install General Medrano as the new president. And so, Bond makes it his new mission to defeat Greene.

M thinks Bond is too close to this mission and is driven by revenge for Vesper, which he is, and calls Bond off the field. But he remains alone and therefore not supported by MI6. He teams up with Greene’s old flame Camille Montes, whose family was murdered by Medrano. Along the way, Bond also gets help from old friends, Rene Mathis, who is killed by corrupt cops working for Medrano, and Felix Leiter, who informs Bond of Greene’s location and the CIA’s search for Bond. Eventually, Bond and Camille finish off Greene and Medrano before parting ways.

As Quantum of Solace comes to an end, Bond tracks down Yusef Kabira, Vesper Lynd’s boyfriend. It turns out that Yusef was also a member of Quantum, seducing high-ranking women and staging his own kidnappings for ransom. Bond decides to spare Yusef and arrest him by MI6. With all these loose ends tied up, M has Bond reinstated in SIS. And that brings us to Skyfall.


James Bond is sent on a mission with Eve Moneypenny to stop a mercenary from stealing a hard drive containing a list of the names and details of undercover agents currently in the field. If the wrong people got their hands on this information, it would be disastrous for MI6, which is why M gives Moneypenny the green light to shoot the mercenary, even though Bond was also in the line of fire. Moneypenny accidentally shoots Bond and the mercenary escapes.

In the aftermath of the disaster, the chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee’s parliamentary security officer, Gareth Mallory, pressures M to resign. After that, MI6’s servers are hacked and their headquarters are destroyed in a terrorist attack. James Bond, presumed dead and now retired, spending his days drinking and having sex, returns to London after seeing the attacks on the news. Bond fails his physical, medical, and psychological tests, but M approves of his return to the field anyway. Bond meets new MI6 quartermaster Q, who equips him with a gun and a radio transmitter and then sets out on his quest to track down the mercenary and discover his employer.

Eventually, Bond discovers that the man behind the attacks was Silva, a former MI6 operative who now works in cyberterrorism. Silva became obsessed with his vendetta against M, who sold him to the Chinese government while he was under his employ, in exchange for the release of several other agents. Knowing that M had made a similar decision regarding Bond’s life, Silva feels a certain kinship with 007. To end Silva’s terrorism, Bond has Q and M’s chief of staff, Bill Tanner, leave an electronic trail. for Silva to follow.

The trail’s destinations? Skyfall, the home of the Bond family. Bond, M and park ranger Kincade prepare the property for Silva’s attack. In this attack, M is wounded, but Bond manages to kill Silva once and for all. But later, M succumbs to his injuries and dies in Bond’s arms. After M’s funeral, Moneypenny retires from fieldwork to become secretary to Gareth Mallory, the newly appointed M. And that brings us to Spectre.


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The late M left a message for Bond, sending him on an unauthorized mission to kill terrorist Marco Sciarra. Bond takes Sciarra’s ring for further investigation. The new M is angered by Bond’s unauthorized mission and suspends him from field service. But of course, Bond disobeys M’s orders and uses Sciarra’s ring to infiltrate a secret meeting of the shadow organization to which Sciarra belonged.

At the meeting, Bond learns of the organization’s leader, Franz Oberholser, and of a coup to be made against a former member known as the Pale King. Bond has Moneypenny investigate Oberholser and the Pale King. When Bond meets the Pale King, he discovers that he is actually a sick Mr. White, the former head of Quantum. Mr. White then asks Bond to protect his daughter, who is able to help get Bond to Oberholser. White commits suicide and Bond races to find his daughter. White’s daughter is Dr. Madeleine Swann, who tells Bond that the organization’s name is Spectre, and it is revealed that previous Bond villains Le Chiffre, Dominic Greene, and Raoul Silva were all members. While James Bond is out in the field learning from Spectre, his boss M has his own issues to deal with.

The Director General of the new Joint Intelligence Service, Max Denbigh, also known as C, wants Britain to join the Nine Eyes global surveillance initiative and end the “00” program for good. After defeating Spectre’s assassin, Mr. Hinx, Bond and Madeleine are taken to Oberhauser’s Spectre base, where the villain tortures Bond and reveals his evil plans. In reality, it is Spectre who is funding the Joint Intelligence Service and was staging terrorist attacks to create the need for the Nine Eyes surveillance program, which would allow Oberhauser to spy on the government and anyone who wanted to stop his evil plans. He is also revealed to be the half-brother of James Bond, who was jealous of his father’s relationship with James. Oberhauser killed his father, took the name Ernst Blofeld, founded Spectre, and set out to ruin his brother James Bond’s life.

It was Blofeld who was personally responsible for the deaths of Vesper Lynd and M. Bond and Madeleine managed to escape and blow up Spectre’s base. Returning to London, they team up with M, Q, Moneypenny and Tanner to stop C from doing the Nines Eyes concert online. Blofeld has kidnapped Madeleine, and Bond must save her from an imminently detonated building while M and Q shut down Nine Eyes and fight C, who eventually falls to his death.

Bond and Madeleine escape the building just in time and Bond shoots down Blofeld’s fleeing helicopter. Ultimately, Bond decides to forgive his brother, who is stopped by M. Bond then decides to walk away from M and the show “00” to be with Madeleine and pursue a quieter, simpler love life. And that’s all that’s happened so far in Daniel Craig’s run as James Bond.

No Time To Die

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After leaving active duty, James Bond has retired to Jamaica to live a peaceful life. His happiness is short-lived, however, when an old CIA buddy, Felix Leiter, shows up and requests for assistance. The mission to save an abducted scientist turns out to be far more perilous than Bond had anticipated, leading him to a mystery enemy with a terrible new technology.

No Time To Die Release Date: 28 September, 2021

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